Favorite anarchist camping methods?

occupy everything, winter urban camping
14% (7 votes)
van lyfe, anarchist influencer
10% (5 votes)
too old to be okay with sleeping on punk house floor
24% (12 votes)
Call of Duty camping at the anarchist airbnb
2% (1 vote)
nude camping (with a towel)
22% (11 votes)
rent strike
6% (3 votes)
18% (9 votes)
other, plz leave a comment
2% (1 vote)
Total votes: 49

There are 10 Comments

i picked "nude camping (with a towel)". i like to pitch a tent, if you know what i mean.

I prefer sleeping in a tent.

rent strike is the obvious 1st choice because every other option would be enhanced or improved by it. also because, if widespread or successful enough, it would generate more freedom across the board, meaning more anarchists and, in turn, more fun.
but, barring that, i'll take my chances as a stowaway on international waters every time.

I agree that ideally a rent strike is the most collectively (and also personally) beneficial course of action for camping into (up against) society as anarchist. Tho many anarchos can't really afford to wait for a collective movement of tenants to that effect. But it's good to try your best at building one. Of course going through Facebook for organizing this would be a bad idea, and this has been an inadmitted hinderance to such movements.

The good ol' park bench does me fine. Close to nature but with conveniences just a stroll away. Fresh air and the smell of flowers, and when it gets a bit cold there's always a discarded newspaper to rap around your torso and legs and arms to keep in the heat. NEVER underestimate the technological wonder of the common newspaper, for wrapping food scraps, starting fires and warmth. Life is wonderful and free!

park bench with only newspaper for warmth? you must live in the south. not an option - at least not year round - for anyone north of the mason dixon line.

That group of archaeologist students built an igloo out of old telephone books in the arctic. Its about volume, like either a t-shit or a fur coat.

That group of archeologists were really just LARPing in the artic with solutions for habitats that just can't be implemented in real life by street people, not only due to city authorities not tolerating solid DIY shelters in most places but due to stupid phone books no longer being printed and distributed, u fool.

Except for "Call of Duty camping at the anarchist airbnb", trash option

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