Responsibility claim for an incendiary device

It's the thought that counts.

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La Paz, Bolivia: Responsibility claim for an incendiary device placed outside the Chilean consulate

The Calacoto neighborhood in the South Zone of the city of La Paz, where the rich take refuge behind their walls and their private security guards, saw their passivity interrupted by the placement of an incendiary device composed of 10 liters of gasoline, black powder and a timer, which unfortunately did not meet its objective.

Abolitionism & the Threat of Reformism

from It's Going Down

An Online Panel Hosted by Forest City Anarchists

Announcing an online forum on abolitionism and the threat of reformism. Hosted by Forest City Anarchists.

On Saturday October 23rd at 7PM EST, join us on Twitch for a live discussion about abolitionism, the threat of reformism, and how it all relates to the state. We have several guests lined up to cover these topics and then follow up by answering questions from the audience.

We Are What We Always Were


From Gods and Radicals by Christopher Scott Thompson, October 13, 2021

A Response to “What Happened to Anarchism”

This post is a response to Rhyd Wildermuth’s “What Happened to Anarchism? (A Critique of American Antifa)”, which was published here on Gods and Radicals on September 7. As I am an anarchist and anti-fascist, Rhyd must have known I would disagree with his article. Still, I doubt he would have predicted the impact it had on me. After reading what Rhyd had to say, I was up until four in the morning wrestling with intense anger and sorrow because of his words.

Anarcho-Beef People

are you my mother?

From Empty Hands by Spencer Beswick

Against All Domination at Anarchist Gatherings (1986-89)

A series of annual gatherings from 1986 to 1989 revitalized the anarchist movement and built the infrastructure for national and continental coordination. I will share more writing about this in the future, but I wanted to share a quick anecdote about the debates over food and animal liberation at these convergences. They offer a window into the evolving values and ethical norms of the anarchist movement at the time. Anarchists developed a commitment to fighting all forms of oppression, hierarchy, and domination—including of other species—rather than solely focusing on capitalism and the state.

BASTARD Conference 2021

The Berkeley Anarchist Study Group will hold the 2021 BASTARD Conference at 12pm on Saturday, November 13, at The Long Haul Infoshop in Berkeley, CA. BASTARD is an annual gathering of informal, autodidactic conversations and presentations about anarchy. It functions as a forum for participants in the study group as well as guests from around the world to share their interests and pursuits. We took the year off in 2020 for obvious reasons, but we’re back this year for an afternoon of discussions around the theme of Excess.

Fire From Below

from It's Going Down

Zoe Baker on Lessons from Anarchist History

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with anarchist historian and YouTuber, Zoe Baker, about lessons from anarchist history, what past struggles can teach us about the social movements of today, just what the hell an ‘anarcho-communist’ is, and how anarchists in the past have dealt with the question of organization, tactics, and strategy.

Constructing Anarchisms: Anarchy as Criterion

from Libertarian Labyrinth

The position that I’m inclined to champion is that anarchy, understood in that form of an-arche, is, in fact, clear enough in its meaning to function as a criterion. That basic sense—a rejection of existing foundations or fundamentals—is simple enough, even if understanding all that it entails in various specific contexts is not. That standard of formal adequacy seems broadly applicable. As we contemplate anarchistic practices or elaborate anarchistic theory, are we really saying “no”—and saying no to something fundamental to the existing systems of social relations that we oppose?

It Could Happen Here: A Review

Anarchy-ish: comfortably relegated to the realm of the hypothetical, the reassuring plausible deniability of speculative fiction, with a cast of do-gooders to assuage liberal listeners.

from Anathema

While only charlatans confidently predict what will happen, it's always interesting to explore what could happen. This is especially true if the coulds being explored are pertinent to the unfolding of struggles against the State and Capital. In the past couple of years, the podcaster Robert Evans has become known for this kind of exploration in his popular podcast It Could Happen Here. Podcasts, especially non-anarchist podcasts, do not normally get much attention in anarchist newspapers like Anathema. A review of Evans's podcast could seem out of place in these pages.

Our Position On Elections

While c4ss takes a week off, here's some more basic-ass ancom takes in place of your basic-ass mutualist takes.

from Anarchist Communists Meanjin

Anarchists are often characterized as being opposed to elections or the vote. Yet anyone that has spent any time in an anarchist or anarchist inspired organisation will tell you that voting is our favorite pastime, one which we take almost any opportunity to undertake. Rather than being opposed to elections we would love nothing more than to see them expanded throughout all levels of society. In fact anarchists should be considered as the most strident proponents of elections and the vote.

Update on the situation of anarchist comrade Toby Shone

Write an anarchist prisoner today!

via Enough 14

Bristol. UK. Toby’s trial began on 6th October at Bristol Crown Court. The charges for administration of, funding of terrorism through the website and dissemination of and collection of material useful to terrorists have now been dropped due to lack of evidence.


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