Anarchy Bang: Episode 47 - Family, Holidays and was it ok to enjoy Thursday's meal?

From Anarchy Bang

Is it our responsibility to be(come) new people, without families, as we create and unleash anarchy upon the world? This episode is about family, holidays, and our role in both.

Holidays in general are most interesting as a) Times of disconnection between expectation (warm homes, comforting families, supportive and/or steady friends, etc) and reality (frequently no or toxic family and/or friends, no money, no time off, etc). and b) Coming together with the people who we do want to share things with, in spite of the cultural expectations rather than because of them (Jews going to Chinese restaurants on Christmas, to name a non anarchist example).

Extremism in Belarus

Extremism in Belarus

From Pramen

Since last years, the repressive apparatus of Lukashenko developed sophisticated legislature and media discourse aiming to prove that everyone who criticizes the state in a radical way are “extremists” and almost terrorists. Specific efforts are put in criminalizing anarchists. Our comrade have made a video analyzing how state defines “extremists”, how does it manipulate the term to brainwash the people and what should we do regrading to that.

Welcome to another Frost Against 2020 - festival

Welcome to ather Frost Against 2020 - festival

From Avtonom dot org

Father Frost Against is a cultural and political festival, focused on critical thinking, reflection and development of new activism strategies. Held in Helsinki, Finland from the 3rd to the 5th of January and organized by local activists, as well as participants from Russia and the post-Soviet space.

Public Statement from Fugitive Anarchist Comrade Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis

Public Statement from Fugitive Anarchist Comrade Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis

From Anarchists Worldwide, Greece


Since Saturday 9th of November, following the police raid at a man’s home, which has been his declared residence for many years, this man and one more, a persecuted fighter and political prisoner in the past, have been incarcerated in the cells of the Greek state, facing heavy charges. The regime’s propaganda media, which take on the job of spreading the scenarios of the repression mechanisms, portray the two arrested as well as myself as members of the armed organization Revolutionary Self Defense, who have been preparing, according to the suspicions of the “counter”-terrorist agency, new attacks. Starting from these arrests and with the added excuse of the search for me, the state has unleashed a mass operation of terrorism against anarchists and the wider social movement. Such efforts, which are pillars of the timeless counter-revolutionary strategy of the rulers, have been dealt with several times by the movement, by its stamina, its broad solidarity and by continuing and intensifying the struggle. Being at the epicenter of this operation I ought to make a public statement about my political stance and the characteristics of the regime’s current aggression that is directed against society and the movement.

Anarchist Women Demonstrate Outside Bakırköy Women’s Prison

Anarchist Women Demonstrate Outside Bakırköy Women’s Prison

From Anarchists Worldwide, Istanbul, Turkey

22.11.19: The organization Anarşist Kadınlar / Anarchist Women carried out an action outside the Bakırköy Closed Women’s Prison. They stated that all institutions that protect masculinity should be closed down and that prisons should be shut down, not women.


On the "Anarchist Society"


I’ve had the pleasure of talking to anarchists of many stripes and colors. From anarcho-capitalists, to anarcho-communists…From anarcho-primitivists to anarcho-transhumanists. While all of these ideologies claim to be anarchist, I have always noticed something that keeps me from really seeing them as anarchist. To me, these kinds of ideologies seem to have more in common with something like communism, socialism, or capitalism, than actual anarchy. Too many anarchists want to prescribe solutions, and propose ways of living, rather than voluntarily work with others to come up with an egalitarian way of living.

ASR Newsletter #78 is on the press

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From Anarcho-Syndicalist Review (via e-mail list)

Fellow Workers,

ASR #78 has just gone on the press, and will mail out to subscribers next week. This issue explores labor and the climate crisis, the McDonaldization of Labor, Kurdish Resistance, and many other issues. The Table of Contents is at


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