Ep. 138: "All Power to the Imagination" ft. N.O. Bonzo

Ep. 138: "All Power to the Imagination" ft. N.O. Bonzo

From Coffee with Comrades

I recently caught up with the anarchist street artist, printmaker, and graphic designer NO Bonzo, a Portland-based illustrator who’s been working on PM Press’s forthcoming Mutual Aid: An Illuminated Factor of Evolution, Pyotr Kropotkin’s seminal work on evolution, politics, and economics. The book is absolutely brilliant, you’ve never seen an edition of Kropotkin’s magnum opus like this before. And, yes, Mutual Aid is his best work, not the Bread Book.

Gone to Croatan on Immediatism Podcast

Gone to Croatan on Immediatism Podcast

Seven of these nine episodes are readings from the Autonomedia books Gone to Croatan, edited by Ron Sakolsky and Jim Koehnline. One is the Fifth Estate book review of Gone to Croatan. The ninth is the essay Gone to Croatan by Hakim Bey, from the Autonomedia book T.A.Z. The Temporary Autonomous Zone. If you listen to only two of the episodes, Immediatism suggests The Legend of the Great Dismal Maroons (episode 552) along with Hakim Bey's essay (episode 558), which contextualizes the Great Dismal maroons as a group among various groups of people seeking autonomy, some of whom interestingly applied to the US government for status as tribes; it was thought that if they got tribal status it would open up the legal reasoning for there to be a reservation for every group that wanted one, including anarchists.

Ukraine assists Belarus in repressing anarchists

Ukrainian special services assist Lukashenka’s regime to repress Belarusian anarchists

From Freedom News UK

Ukrainian special services assist Lukashenka’s regime to repress Belarusian anarchists

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs responded to the request from the Belarusian security officials sent through Interpol and are attempting to deport two Belarusian anarchists: Alexei Bolenkov (known as Max Belorus) and Artur Kondratovich, to their home country.

Anarchism: A General Formula

Anarchism: A General Formula

From Libertarian Labyrinth by Shawn P. Wilbur

The interval between the interruption of the “Margins and Problems” survey and the appearance of this first draft-section from the Constructing Anarchisms manuscript has been considerably shorter than expected—a pleasant surprise after the slow going of the last month or so. I’ll talk more about the structure and aims of the book as the pieces come together, but for those who have been following the workshop, these initial sections should be recognizable as new approaches to familiar problems.

Deconstructing Anarchy

we're not a costume

From ill will by Donatella Di Cesare | July 11th, 2021

The following text was first delivered as a talk during Anarchē, a two-day conference curated by the Institute for Cultural Inquiry in Berlin. Here Italian philosopher Donatella Di Cesare explores the possibility of releasing the anarchic ontology concealed within the anarchist tradition.


fun or death! have fun or die trying!

Topic of the Week – As parts of the world are opening back up and returning to “normal”, other areas are experiencing the worst yet of the pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, there have been many stories of people picking up new hobbies, quitting their jobs, and finding themselves on new adventures in dark times. This week, we’re discussing the topic of fun.

Kairos: A Mutual Aid Exodus From Empire

No good deed goes unpunished.

from Mutual Aid Disaster Relief

Starting in 2019/2020 and now continuing into the summer of 2021, global civil society is witnessing the biggest neoliberal disaster capitalist shock yet: COVID-19. Millions of people have been and continue to be killed by this unprecedented disaster. Like most catastrophes, those historically oppressed and least responsible for this pandemic are nevertheless those most impacted. The death toll is comparable in magnitude of lives lost to another World War.


Against the Tide

Okay, we got it the first time, Gustavo. You don't like leftists. Maybe next time you can rant about something else.

from Anarquía

Contrary to what all the verbal diarrhea of post-modern neo-Leninism claims about the so-called «social movements», the novelty of these movements does not lie in the replacement of trade unions and traditional political parties, but in the motivational structure of the subjects involved; That is, in the convergence of perceptions around multiple factors (economic-socio-cultural) that nourish the collective longing for the welfare state and the labor society and, through processes of social mobilization, constitute a new institutional force that serves as a platform for the different fascisms -whether black, brown, red or whatever color they are given in order to persuade the «masses»- and paves the way for populist leaders.

Eric Laursen on IGDcast

from It's Going Down

Eric Laursen on Why Everything We’ve Been Told About the Political State is Wrong

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with Eric Laursen, author of The Operating System: An Anarchist Theory of the Modern State, who argues that everything we think we know about the creation and function of the political State is fundamentally wrong. During our conversation, Laursen lays out how the State did not arise out of a collective need, nor was it created organically; that instead, it was imposed from above as an instrument to amass wealth and expand economic and military control.

Federation of Anarchism Era on Iran and Afghanistan

Federation of Anarchism Era on Iran and Afghanistan

From The Final Straw Radio

The collective we spoke to for this episode began as a series of remotely-hosted blogs and communication methods among Iranian anarchists at home and abroad. By 2015 anarchists from Afghanistan had started to join and in 2018 the comrades from within Iran and Afghanistan and those living internationally founded Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran. Since, more individuals and groups have joined up from around North Africa, the middle east and other places in the world and they in 2020 re-organized themselves the Federation of Anarchism Era. Last January, after the assassination by the US Trump administration of the murderous Quds leader Soleymani we spoke with members of the then-named AUAI about the network, living under 19 years of US war and 40 years of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

International call for a week of solidarity with the anarchist Abtin Parsa

International call for a week of solidarity with the anarchist Abtin Parsa (12th-19th of July 2021)

The anarchist Abtin Parsa is a former political prisoner from Iran with the atheist view imprisoned by the Islamic regime for one year and a half in 2014. Abtin Parsa, 16 years old at that time, was arrested by IRGC for an anti-Islamic and anti-state public speech in his high school, “Shahid Chamran,” in the city of Zarqan. Even after his release from prison, Abtin was continued to be pressured and controlled by the Islamic regime, forcing him to escape to Greece in 2016.

Some Premature Conclusions

from Libertarian Labyrinth

Margins and Problems: Some Premature Conclusions

There are plenty of useful histories of anarchism, including some general histories that draw from the anarchist past the material by which various conceptions of anarchism might be bolstered and enriched. And the more we know about the complexities of the anarchist past, the less, I think, we can begrudge ourselves or our fellow anarchists these ideological and organizational supports.

Archaeologists for Trans Liberation

from Black Trowel Collective

The Black Trowel Collective strives for the shared liberation of all human beings. We stand against those who weaponize their platforms and privilege to attack trans people. It is the position of the Black Trowel Collective that an archaeological understanding of the past is incompatible with transphobia and so-called ‘gender critical’ or trans-exclusionary radical feminism. There is overwhelming evidence from past societies that our current ways of understanding sex and gender are fleeting and contingent. Neither sex nor gender are fixed in aspect or immutable over time and between cultures. As anarchists, we are impelled to mobilize this knowledge into action and we urge the actions that follow.


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