from Nudism as an Illegalism

What happened at Wi Spa was part of a larger story as soon as that went viral. It was, in fact, for at least a brief moment, The Story for both the “gender-critical” and anti-fascist commentariats, in the United States at least. This is what led to the rallies, which I am sure would have had various negative effects if left unopposed (difficulty for staff just working a job at Wi Spa, difficulty for many customers but certainly customers who are trans or might look trans, a sense of victory for the anti-trans side and/or their buddies the Nazis and the “Western chauvinists”), and so then there was also counteraction (widely framed as “antifa”), with all of its inherent risk for the side that, on other days of the week and/or with every breath, also happens to oppose the police, the colonial state, capitalism (of all kinds), the American flag, etc.

New Eric King Poster Fundraiser!

via It's Going Down

Announcing a new poster to benefit anarchist prisoner Eric King.

Friends at Radix Media in Brooklyn, NY have created an amazing poster with a piece of Eric King’s poetry! It is a fundraiser and proceeds will go to Eric’s support fund. You can order at the link below. with some details about the poster.

Rendezvous in GARE

via Enough14 from Athens Indymedia

Athens: Rendezvous in GARE (on the occasion of the trial for the first cop raid)

Athens. Greece. Translation of a text by comrade Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis written last September on the occasion of the trial for the first eviction of the GARE squat. The trial was then postponed until 29/9/2021. We therefore publish the translation in view of the trial today.

State of War

via It's Going Down

State of War, an Excerpt from “The Nation on No Map: Black Anarchism & Abolition” by William C. Anderson

Saying “stop killing us” and asking an oppressor not to oppress is not going to work. Taking the life of the system we’re up against through abolition is much more complex than simply fighting people in the streets

Post Covid Riot Prime Manifest


Twenty necessary points on the current conflictualities and perspectives

One: All governments are bad. Right, left, far right… all of them. They do not act in our interest, the people from below, as the Zapatistas would say. Covid-19 has expressed, like through a burning glass, the fundamental antagonism between those who need to recreate the world in such a way that there can be a world at all, and those who, in different forms, hold on to the existing world, the world of doom, participate in its consistency.

Call for Submissions to “The Anarchist Feminist Turn: Embodying Care, Engendering Love”


From Outside the Circle by Cindy Milstein

Call for Submissions to “The Anarchist Feminist Turn: Embodying Care, Engendering Love” an anthology edited by Cindy Milstein

The aspirations of anarchism have always, at their heart, revolved around what could be understood as “feminist” ethics—self-determination, voluntaristic and consensual association, egalitarian relationships, and loving freely as well as queerly, to mention a few. Moreover, the bulk of what we anarchists have actually done in practice, and still do, imperfectly and yet beautifully, falls under the banner of self-organized collective care, freely gifted—or again, what could be seen as feminist ethics.

Self and the Body, on Immediatism podcast


Immediatism offers readings of four essays on the body and the self. "Anarchism & the Body," by Michelle Campbell, is a call for more anarchists to contribute writing in this area. "Agency & the Body: On Body Positivity, Ressentiment, & Desire," by Rhyd Wildermuth, is a disclosure of Rhyd's own experiences growing up with a different body type and his thoughts around agency and fitness; as explained in length in a chapter of his upcoming book, Rhyd's view is that we ARE our bodies. "Access Intimacy: The Missing Link," by Mia Mingus provides a terminology for that feeling when someone really "gets" you based on a shared experience of disability or hardship. In Cory's view, noticing when we do or do not have access intimacy with a person can help us to realize when empathy is coming naturally and when it is not, and to identify whether the other person is being empathetic with us. Finally, "On Self-Love & Gun Powder," by Flower Bomb, recorded in response to a listener request, is on a nihilistic love for both chaos and the whole self.

Boris gets out of prison

via sansnom

France: Anarchist comrade Boris gets out of prison but is not out of danger..

Indymedia Lille, 29 September 2021

[The trial] of 20 September, which would have dealt with the appeal against the 4 year prison sentence, could not take place because of the still critical state of health of our comrade who continues to be in an artifically induced coma.

Operation Scintilla: a two-year journey

via Roundrobin, Translated by act for freedom now!

We have decided to have a say ourselves regarding the declaration made during the appeal trial for operation Scintilla in February 2019. We are doing it now on the internet, over two years later, strong from a long, hard and enriching path. The choice of coming out now on the internet is for various reasons. Certainly it is motivated by a debate that has been going on for several months with comrades close to us on the need to widen the retelling of what happened to those who are locked up in Italian jails as well as those who live beyond national borders. Another reason comes from recently published texts which open a level of discussion that we don’t want to avoid, for the completeness of the narrative. We want to make it clear immediately that we didn’t consider the internet an adequate instrument to deal with what happened because of the narrowness of reasoning that this instrument necessarily imposes. In fact, we don’t see this space as adequate to an in-depth and sincere discussion. Therefore we want to point out the limits that this text inevitably carries with it, as it can’t reflect the complexity of the reasoning and ways we have elaborated since we started to face what we had done.

Updates on special surveillance against a comrade from Genoa

via Inferno Urbano, Translated by act for freedom now!

In the month of August the result of the appeal against a special surveillance measure against a comrade from Genoa was made known; the request for reviewing the measure, applied with all restrictions, was rejected and it appeared obvious how, even if the charge of terrorism, fundamental pillar of the prosecution theorem, was dropped, the measure remained completely in place again for the same reason, i.e. “adhesion to the anarchist ideology”, “open demonstrations of solidarity with militants of the Informal Anarchist Federation”, “support to imprisoned anarchists”, “inciting direct action”, spreading counter-information material.


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