The situation of Toby Shone

Write an anarchist prisoner today!

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In November 2020 a series of co-ordinated raids against were executed by Counter-Terrorism cops in UK as part of “Operation Adream”. Several properties in the South-West of England were searched and one person was arrested and charged under the Terrorist Act. The charges are administration of, funding of terrorism through the website and dissemination of and collection of material useful to terrorists.

Fire Set in Prison Construction Office

the good kind of fire

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Fire Set in Prison Construction Office in Dresden, Germany

We see in jails a place of pointed mutilation, where people are (supposed to be) broken. The outcasts of society are locked away here to hide problems in living together. Instead of taking collective responsibility for these problems, it is left to the judiciary to decide who is allowed to live in the world outside the walls and who should only view the narrow perimeter of the prison through bars and fences. As anarchists we oppose state repression, we oppose the imprisonment of people, be it through analogous walls or the technological imprisonment in the open air prison.

Libertarian Anticapitalism w/ Rad Geek

from Center for a Stateless Society

The Enragés: Libertarian Anticapitalism with Rad Geek

For the ninth installment of The Enragés, host Joel Williamson met with Rad Geek to discuss his left-libertarian classic article titled "Libertarian Anticapitalism".

Rad Geek (Charles Johnson) is an individualist anarchist technologist and “sometimes writer”, living in the Deep South. He researches topics in the history and theory of radical individualism, left-libertarianism, and market anarchism, with an interest in intellectual and social history, and analytic philosophy.

On “Living Proof” and Anarchism

from Center for a Stateless Society

by N_u_l_l

If any message can be taken away from the above, it is that change doesn’t need to start as the loud roar of revolution, nor end as a whimper as seen in electoral politics: can be here, and it can be now. And in many ways, anarchist interactions are already here. People reciprocate all the time without use of a state, people trade without the use of a state, people create value without use of a state, people love and multiply without use of the state, so on and so forth.

The fairies will never be electric

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Sabotage of an electrical station, “the fairies will never be electric”

Don’t forget to turn off the light on your way out

The modern world has held us hostage non stop, ever since childhood, venting the merits of security and making us forget the copious dose of servitude we must accept in return for progress through a series of increasingly poorly kept promises.

Welcome to the Victoria Anarchist Bookfair!

virtual anarchist bookfair


In 2021, due to the worldwide pandemic, the Anarchist Bookfair Collective has decided to host an online Bookfair. Working with the podcasting radio collective From Embers (visit them here: we will be producing a series of interviews covering such issues as Indigenous anarchism; anarchist perspectives on Afghanistan; activism against prisons; policing the police; defending old growth forests, anarchism and the arts, and more!.

We expect to launch the 2021 Victoria Anarchist Bookfair on-line in early October. Stay tuned!

Explosive attack on the offices of the Fifth Tax Office

from Athens Indymedia

When the pockets of financial totalitarianism mortgage the lives of the proletarian grassroots to fill the coffers of the temples of capitalist barbarism, we have a duty to intervene. It is a matter of social conscience and sensitivity, class solidarity and revolutionary obligation that we too should not treat our lives as mere numbers in the bloodthirsty hands of the bosses. That is why we will remind the enemy that in this war, as long as there is injustice there will always be revolutionary retaliation.

To (try to) keep the cops at bay

"The shadows belong to us." is a corny-ass way to end a basic-ass list of tips.

from Counter-surveillance resource center

On the one hand: what is possible despite the intensive surveillance and forensic capabilities? On the other hand, what are the gaps where they have not yet succeeded in developing or testing their repressive methods? We fight out of desire and longing, we must want to challenge ourselves and their repression, otherwise there is no point in fighting. The enemy cannot be everywhere all the time. The shadows belong to us.

Demo, riot and action against repression

via Enough 14

– fragments of an offensive weekend [Leipzig, Germany]

Leipzig. Germany. There has never really been any reason in the history of the FRG to believe that state repression is on a downward trend. Nevertheless, in recent years – and especially in the wake of the G20 summit – many have the impression that repression is increasing (not only in the FRG).

The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity

from the by David Graeber and David Wengrow, review by Daniel Immerwahr

Protest speaks a language of forceful insistence. “Defund the police,” “Build the wall”—the unyielding demands go back to Moses’ “Let my people go.” So it was curious when the July 2011 issue of the Vancouver-based magazine Adbusters ran a cryptic call to arms: a ballerina posing atop the famous Charging Bull statue on Wall Street, with the question “What is our one demand?” printed above her in red. The question wasn’t answered; readers were only told, “#OccupyWallStreet. September 17th. Bring tent.”


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