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Far-Left Anarchist to Remain in Custody Until Next Week

Far-Left Anarchist to Remain in Custody Until Next Week

From Hamodia, YERUSHALAYIM, Thursday, January 9, 2020

Far-left radical anarchist Yonatan Pollak will remain in custody until next Wednesday – at his own request, Ha’aretz reported Thursday. According to the report, the court had been prepared to release him, but telling the court that he did not recognize the authority of the court to jail him, he requested that he be held indefinitely in custody, as a “political prisoner.” He has also refused to post a NIS 500,000 bond the court set to release him. The court agreed to keep him in jail until next Wednesday, the report said.

The Anarchist Hiding From Israeli Courts

From Jewish Press dot com

Jonathan Pollak, a senior leader of the Anarchists Against the Wall organization, has been absent from hearings related to a complaint filed against him by the Ad Kan organization. In addition, Pollak published an article in the Haaretz newspaper stating that he recognizes the judicial process, but he still “chooses not to appear.” The judge in the hearing filed a warrant to compel his attendance.

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