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Anarchist Vincenzo Vecchi arrested, convicted for the G8 in Genoa in 2001

From Act for Freedom!, France

Anarchist Vincenzo Vecchi was arrested on Thursday, August 8, 2019 in France. The arrest was carried out by the French police and (as reported by the regime media) was made possible by the contribution of the agents of the “Service for the fight against extremism and internal terrorism” and of the Antiterrorism section of the DIGOS of Milan, which through “a close investigative connection” with the French police were able to identify the comrade. Against him two European arrest warrants had been issued by the prosecutors of Milan and Genoa.

I Choose Anarchism: Comrade Keith Malik Washington

From AMW English

I’m not going to wait for the Apocalypse to come before I fully embrace Anarchism. I don’t need to see anymore young children forced to sleep on dirty concrete floors in South-West Texas in squalid conditions, eating bologna sandwiches and separated from their parents! No! I’m not going to wait.

"Prometeo Operation" – References for benefits and updates

From Act for Freedom!, (Italy)

Natascia, Robert and Beppe were arrested on May 21st 2019. They were accused of sending three explosive packages in 2017 to the PM (public prosecutor) Sparagna and Rinaudo, and to Santi Consolo, who was the director of the DAP (Department for the Penitentiary Administration) of Rome. More information is available at:

A communique from Anarchist comrade Juan from the prison of Terni

From Act for Freedom!, (Italy)

Hi to all friends and comrades!! I’m Juan arrested on 22nd May after three years on the run. I’m writing from the AS2 unit of the prison of Terni, where I’m locked up. I’m calm, my morale is stable and I’m determined to move on.

Erics birthday/Update/Message

From Support Eric King

Yesterday Eric was transferred to USP Lee in Virginia. He will still not be allowed photos, books, magazines (we are looking into newspapers) or cards and will be housed in the segregated housing unit SHU. After a year he still unfortunately still has not been given glasses nor are his family able to send any.

International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners


We are approaching the 7th International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners. For 6 years we’ve been calling you to show your solidarity with our comrades all around the world. Trials in Italy, France, Germany, Russia are bringing more and more anarchists into the mouth of the prison system.

Heretics, by Gabriel Pombo da Silva

From Act for Freedom!

The heretic, like the bandit, knows that the loss of his freedom takes him irremediably to the gallows. What awaits him is a tribunal that will ask him about his actions. A court that will exercise its power and absolute reason in the name of God, the People, the Kingdom and the State. Power and reason are acts of authoritarian syncretism developed throughout the course of the centuries by the proprietors of the Earth, the Sea and the Sky. Therefore the individualist anarchist – who is at the same time heretic and bandit – is aware that his conviction on power and reason takes them to the stake. Like a moth, they seek light and succumb. Like Icarus, they fly high and the Sun melts their wings. Like Prometheus they steal the fire of the gods for themself and for the others; like him.

Towards the end of the “Panico” trial

From Act for Freedom!

Florence, Italy: The week of final hearings of the“Panico” trial ended today.On Monday 15th and half of Tuesday 16th the final part of the trial phase took place; on the prosecution side, the treatment of the last tranche of expert interceptions of wiretapping, environmental and by telephone;by the defense, some objections have been raised regarding the interference of the prosecution expert in the court expert’s activities (that is: the main interception with which they accused Paska was first transcribed differently from the court expert, thencorrected after prosecution pressures to bring it back to the “original”). Then a defense witness was heard about the broken foot of Ghespe in the period around 2017 New Year

Kidnapping and attempted deportation of anarchist Divine Umoru + Saturday, July 20th

From Act for Freedom

Italy - Protest at the CPR of Bari - Transfers, violence and deportations:Yesterday [15 July 2019] we received the news of the deportation, now in progress, of Divine Umoru, made possible by an order issued directly by Salvini, despite having the documents in order. He is an anarchist comrade who has undergone several trials, we know him and we want to be in solidarity.

For this reason, although we have made it impossible to trace their movements, we will be at Malpensa at 17.30 (Tuesday 16th) at the terminal 1 departures entrance 16. Run and come all!

Anarchist Comrade In Canada Released

From Anarchist Black Cross

Anarchist comrade Cedar Hopperton has been released after spending nearly a month in jail for allegedly violating their parole conditions after giving a speech arguing that police should not be part of the queer community and applauding those at Pride who stood up to the police and fascists.

Call for Week of Agitation for Miguel Peralta

from It's Going Down,July 9th 2019, English:

This past October 26th, 2018, the then judge Juan León Montiel of the Mixed District Court of Huautla de Jiménez, Oaxaca, sentenced our compañero Miguel Ángel Peralta to 50 years in prison with a $151,134.90 peso fine. On October 29th of that same year, an appeal was filed against this sentence. The appeal should have been resolved in three months in the Supreme Court of Justice of the State of Oaxaca.


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