Anarchism, Mutual Aid, and Self-Organization

from It's Going Down

From the George Floyd Uprising to India’s Farmer Rebellion

The following essay examines the explosion of mass struggles in India under the far-Right Modi government while comparing them to the George Floyd uprising in the United States, highlighting the role that mutual aid and self-organization played in each. To listen to an interview offering an anarchist and anti-colonial analysis of the situation in India, go here.

Anarchists in Indonesia Call for Solidarity Actions with Fighters in Pakel

The residents of Pakel, East Java have been in conflict with the land mafia PT Bumisari for almost a century; on September 24, Pakel residents fought PT Bumiasri by occupying and planting crops on the disputed land. Now it has been more than 3 months for Pakel residents to fight with elements of solidarity against the land mafia and state pigs who protect them’ a few days ago, the fighters in Pakel received news that PT Bumisari together with the state pigs would fight against Pakel farmers and destroy the crops they had planted.

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