Canenero on Immediatism podcast


"Canenero was a weekly anarchist publication that came out in Italy between the end of 1994 and the beginning of 1997 with one break, when the Marini investigation against anarchists began to bear its rotten fruit in the state's attempt to imprison dozens of anarchists on charges of 'subversive association' or membership in an 'armed gang.' One of the ideas behind Canenero was to provide a means for ongoing communication and discussion in the face of this repressive operation of the state. A substantial portion of the material in the paper dealt with the situation and the various anarchist responses to it." ~from the cover

Extinguish the Old, on Immediatism podcast

Extinguish the Olds.... ageism!

These three podcast episodes contain "just a few of the surviving literary fragments and insurrectio nary ephemera produced by the Russian individualist anarchists A.L and V.L. Gordin, before and during the Russian Revolution. In 1917, the Gordin brouthers founded a society of Anarchist-Communists which they called the Union of the Oppressed Five, the 'Oppressed Five referred to those categories of humanity which endured the greatest hardships under the yoke of Western civilization: 'worker-vagabond,' national minority, woman, youth, and individual personality. The organizationalists adn dry rationalists of the Russian anarchist movement considered the Gordin's wild-eyed philosophers run amuck, annihilators of all accepted verities and traditions who were satanically bent upon the destruction of all institutionalized discipline and (party) authority. In the context of the Russian Revolution, the Gordin Brothers fashioned Molotov cocktails out of these ideas and bolstered their impactive power with their own colorful and explosive language." ~from the cover

An Ethiopian Anarchist Perspective on the War in Tigray

from The Final Straw Radio

This week, we spoke with Anner, an Ethiopian member of Horn Anarchists, an anarchist group based in east Africa, particularly in Ethiopia and the Ethiopian diaspora. The group has been around for about a year and hopes to organize and spread anarchist ideas and organizing in the horn of Africa. Horn anarchists is a newer group planning to do work with refugees and introduce anarchist ideas to east Africa. For the hour, Anner talks about the group, the history of post-Junta Ethiopa, the context of the ongoing armed conflict in Tigray, the fighting factions and the displacement and violence suffered by residents of the region as well as the ethnic hatred against Tigrayans by the government of Abi Ahmed and his Prosperity Party.

Margins of Reality - Episode 2 - Post-Left Anarchy

from https://margins.noblogs.org

The second episode of MARGINS OF REALITY - a podcast by and for unmenschen. This episode concerns the current state of the phenomenon called post-left anarchy. We read Wolfi Landstreicher's "From Politics to Life - Ridding anarchy of the leftist millstone" and Jason McQuinn's "Rejecting the Reification of Revolt".

Interview w/ Gran Canaria Anarchist Federation

from Green Anticapitalist Media

Interview with Gran Canaria Anarchist Federation - GAF does Lockdown Ep. 14

In this episode of GAF does Lockdown we’ll be interviewing a member of FAGC (Federación Anarquistas Gran Canaria or Gran Canaria’s Anarchist Federation), which centres most of its activity on the issues of housing, rent and homelessness. They are known for starting the Sindicato de Inquilinas de Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria’s Renter’s Union) which has been housing homeless people in squatted buildings run along anarchists’ principles. The biggest one so far, La Esperanza, houses more than 260 people, around 160 of them minors.


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