The Parabellum - new greek anarchist website

What is the purpose of this project? Promoting anarcho-individualism, insurrectionary anarchism, anti-social and anti-political nihilism. For total liberation of humanity! Against capitalism, state and mass-society!

If You want contact with Parabellum:



anti-social nihilism, for the liberation of humanity? huh?

Crunchy shell of anti-social nihilism with some creamy nougat of hating authority so much that it tastes like solidarity with other resistance. Mmm mm!

I agree. This does seem like a tastey addition to the anarchist corner of the Internet.

My mouth waters, my body quivers, my hands flex. crouched for the anarchist spring.

yeah. i also think you have to decide between one or the other

moralist, the past is yours!

it's not moralism, it's word use. if you're so anti-social, why give a shit about the rest of humanity? what can 'humanity' mean to an anti-social nihilist, and why would one support its liberation? i hate to accuse the almighty greek youth of hip word appropriation, but it seems like they want to string together a bunch of attention-getting slogans to be all badass.

either that or they're the moralists. "liberation of humanity," meh.

humanity isn't real. it's just a false construct.

I fucking explained this already ... if you hate authority enough and you aren't completely paralyzed by abject defeat, then that hatred should motivate your sense of solidarity with other resistance. It's a better sort of solidarity for dealing with people you barely know. Less likely to get bogged down in identity politics for instance.

so a moralist's nihilism then?


Alef - A as Anarchism
or N as Nihilism

That makes sense, seeing as the Hebrew alphabet is a living tongue that many people use and is easily recognisable oh wait a fucking second no it doesn't, using Hebrew letters is some retarded hipster bullshit.

maybe these nihilists went to hebrew school growing up


America! Fuck Yeah

The description of the blog is incorrect. I can translate it in english and sent it if you want but this part about human liberation is too misleading...

Nihilism...that must be exhausting...

the word 'nihilism' is pretty vague but it can be understood as losing belief in the values of western culture; it can be a sign of great weakness, but also of great strength. 'the world is not worth what we were told' ... 'it could be worth much more than we were told'

I get it. Nihilism is a way to lose belief in the values of western culture without actually embracing other values, like ecology, wildness, alternative cultural values, etc. So in that way it's sort of a severely degraded version of the green anarchism so many of us embraced a few years back? Or a sort of infantile step a long the way that a lot of the "kids" in the anarchist milieu are trapped in?

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