FBI's Classic Divide-and-Conquer Tactics Tried Again in NYC

In the past week, individuals in New York City have been visited by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigations. They say that they are investigating the 2008 bombing of the Times Square military recruitment center, and have been asking about many different individuals.

According to the FBI's recent June 2013 report, the bomb used in the incident, described at the time as unsophisticated, was made out of an ammunition can commonly used in the fields of Iraq and Afghanistan. The bombing occurred at around 3:30 in the morning. No one was near to get injured and it caused only minor damage to the center. The height, weight, age, sex and race of the suspect are unknown. Let's keep it this way.

It is possible that this FBI investigation is only peripherally related to the open grand jury investigation that has imprisoned anarchist Jerry Koch. While Jerry has been granted immunity from the bombing incident, he is currently imprisoned at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in order to coerce him to inform on others who are suspected.

The FBI's current focus on specific people exploits ongoing rifts in activist circles, in an effort to glean information to persecute and imprison individuals. During the recent spate of FBI visits, agents have been suggesting that multiple people have been identified as responsible for the Times Square recruitment center bombing, using methods such as insinuating that those accused are themselves already informants for the state. All of this is an obvious effort to encourage others to inform on each other. Law enforcement agents are legally allowed to lie to accomplish their missions. This is a simple divide-and-conquer tactic exploiting the already fractured anarchist scene. It is understandable that the FBI would choose weak points in our community to try to sever the spirit and resolve of all who might come together to fight against oppression. We hope that each one of us can see the benefit of fighting activist repression in whatever form it takes.

Stay strong, understand your rights, and remember what we have in common. We can galvanize our communities and fight against the wedge tactics of the state. If they had enough evidence to charge anyone then someone would have already been arrested and charged. The FBI needs us to make their case. It's up to us not to give them what they want.

If faced with questioning by any police or FBI, you do not need to talk to them. You do not need to let them in your home without a valid warrant. They are legally allowed to lie to you. Ask for a business card and call the National Lawyers Guild at 212-679-6018. Below is a link to information about the rights you have when the FBI comes to question you.




Down with the FBI, up with pizza and ice cream!

Up with Bushwick pizza anarchism!

Gee-it seems to me that for an FBI agent to say "hi-I'm investigating the bombing of a US military recruiting center at the height of the Iraq War" would be a good way to get people to clam up. Wonder if they are not seeking information at all, only trying to sow division. On the other hand, the statute of limitations for that action does expire this year. Would be really funny to have someone beating their chest about it after checking with their lawyers to make sure no "terrorism exception" could be used by bypass the statute of limitations.

Never, ever believe a cop who says someone's a snitch, they are famous for that lie!

I love when they play the classics ;)

It is mentioned that they are hitting "weak points" but there is no mention in regards to what those weak points presumably are. It would be interesting to know what the are doing that would make you suspect that. I am not questioning whether they are or are not doing what you say either, in fact I am sure they are. That said, if it isn't DL info what are they doing?

so basically you're asking the nyc scene, "what are your weak points?" on a public message board? are you a cop or just clueless?

OH SHIT YOU ARE RIGHT! I didn't think that this information could reveal everything and have it all unravel!!!!! I am glad you reminded me that there is no way for the feds to ask themselves "what are we doing?" And then for them to read "they are hitting us at our weak points." They couldn't ever figure this puzzle out, a puzzle for the ages!!!!!!! They will need all supercomputers in existence to put these seemingly disparate peices of information together. They will need to clone Einstien and wait 40 years so that he himself can fill in the gaps.


The internet for most people didn't even exist 15 years ago and information that they can find people posting about themselves online now used to take months or even years of surveillance to compile. I want them to work for it, really hard.

make those agents sweat for the little nuggets in their reports, 2-3-4! lift those pens, 5-6-7! who an insurrectionist, who's not, 2-3-4!

Yeah make em sweat! Or at least look at the posts and comments on anarchist news to that relate to NYC drama. This website has already done their work for them.

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