NYC: Reportback from NYE Noise Demo Against the Prison Industrial Complex

On December 31st, at least 60 people responded to the call for a noise demo outside the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in downtown Manhattan. The crowd easily filled the street in front of the institution and an aural ruckus filled the air from noisemakers, voices, air horns, a variety of drums, and even a proper brass trumpet.

Anti-prison and anti-police chants from the crowd accompanied a banner reading "BURN THE PRISON SOCIETY." Rebels in the street cheered on the caged and excluded as they banged on their windows, flicked lights on and off, and gave other signals of life from within an otherwise deadening, lifeless building. We moved back and forth around the building to be sure everyone could hear our screams and tried to be as close as possible to the cell of anarchist hacker Jeremy Hammond as we chanted his name.

Let's make 2013 a terrifying year for capitalists and state operatives the world over and a joyous year for those seeking the triumph of life over death.





This was a pretty good turnout, although there may have been as many cops on the scene as there were people participating.

In Durham, North Carolina, something more than 50 people turned out for the noise demo at the jail, which featured drumming, banging on street signs, plenty of anarchist banners, and the release of several fire kites into the air. The youngsters ran around joyously while the older folks grimly chanted their anti-police mantras. At least one police car was spat upon.

theres a write up at, with info on some struggles going at the jail folks were at, one being boots riley's cousin carlos, who is being charged with assault after a pig shot himself while trying to arrest him. really...
how about support for Alex?

How could this action have been larger and/or better?

anti prisons is identity politics

IGTT 1/10....for the sake of the holidays

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