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autonomous being, categorical truth, and intertwining commonalities

a human, -as any material- being has the capacity toward infinitely unique perspectives; none however, can accurately assume any concrete identifying measures therein. the true face of the absolute being -our one, true god the Alpha and Omega of existence- cannot be seen in our so-called "material" dimension of Life. only the dead is done, deceased and witnessed. only through the sophistry of Death does one reconcile fear-of-death, instead choosing to honor the higher, dynamic power which encompasses All.

The Cause for the Destruction of the World

I understand that you delete and censor anything that is not exactly mainstream cliche what you want to hear, because the secret services want you to self censor. But here it is about very imortant things, and I would appreciate if we can at least try to discuss for a second in a reasonable manner about these things and that potential spammers and idiots are removed from the topic.