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Alternative Methods of Intervention in Cases of Violence

I have been participating in an Anarchist Community Space recently, and we have been talking about what to do when we encounter violent situations in our surrounding neighborhood, particularly when that violence is directed at women or members of the LGBTQ community, which is a big issue in the area. The neighborhood is also heavily minority and very against police intervention, so we have been discussing effective alternatives to calling the police.

Social Anti-Civilization

So the critique of civilization comes from many directions, but most often the connection to mass and anti-mass practices is stuck in only reactive behaviors. I see a coming future: Aggressive space claims and attempting to create a sustainable infrastructure to ensure to longevity of such an aggressive move. A space claim is a move of action, not reaction in the war for the claims of physical power, for expressing autonomy. The problem is that anti-civilization critique is almost unnecessary to these actions and plays very little role in them.

Anarchist orgs in the Middle East

Hey everyone!
I'm a Palestinian anarchist living in Lebanon and, as most of you probably know, anarchist movements are very weak in the middle. So I personally believe that the only way we could ever gain strength is by unionizing with the anarchist movements in Turkey, Iran, and Kurdistan. However, it's been really hard to do so.
Are there any Turkish/Iranian/Kurdish comrades on this site?
and what do you guys think or suggest?

The word "strugglismo"

Starting here (, there begins a conversation about this word and what it means. I have some opinions, but I am also afraid I am being a little too prescriptivist; maybe the word has drifted, since it's initial coining by Aragorn! some months ago, to mean a different thing.

I would certainly be interested in hearing what others think the word means when they see others using it, or what they mean by it themselves.

Statement proposing FNB Global Day of Solidarity April 03, 2016

We, the Kansas City, Missouri chapter of Food Not Bombs, announce a general call out for a Food Not Bombs Global Day of Solidarity on April 03, 2016. Our pursuit is a united demonstration of agency across the planet linking group to group to intensify our organization.

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civilization, used as a noun rather than verb, is another spook

the article asks: What are the implications of the notion that civilization has encroached over every space on the planet, and is there any hope for escape?

using 'civilization' as a subject that inflects a verb is the same 'error of grammar' Nietzsche points to with his 'lightning flashes' example.