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Why It Doesn't Matter Whose Elected: Anarchy or Annihilation

Neo liberal doctrine was brought about due to structural changes within the capitalists base structure rather than as a result of electoral politics. Capitalisms own internal contradictions along with global upheavals in the peripheral states led to a shift from Lacanianism/the welfare state in the world system.

Criticizing the Center

The basis of violence is formed around the accusation of fascism. If the conditions are right and some one or some group happens to fit as close to the literal definition of fascism, the more likely anarchists and allies are to violently attack them if they enter the radar of anarchist intelligence or attempt any public gathering.

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'wounding the beast' is a binary interpretation

in a relational world, there is only relational transformation.

in trying to represent relational transformation, a convenient tool is language, like ours, which converts the dynamics of relational transformation to terms of 'things' and 'what things do' and thus construct a 'semantic reality' that we tend to use for our 'operative reality' [one that orchestrates and shapes our individual and collective behaviours].

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sir einzige, once again, it seems we are on a 'similar page'

as stirner says, in the same vein as nietzsche;

"[F]or 'being' is abstraction, as is even 'the I'. Only I am not abstraction alone: I am all in all, consequently, even abstraction or nothing: I am all and nothing; ...." -- Max Stirner

how can we talk about 'living real lives' as 'anarchists' without exploring such assumptions on 'being/becoming'?

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do anarchists exist? or is anarchism a relational process?

the following question posed in the article recapitulates a classical problem in logic (circular reasoning);

"If we want a world where there are lots of different kinds of anarchist voices, where people can disagree with each other without hating each other, if we assume that there is room for lots of different kinds of anarchist projects, how do we operate differently?"