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The word "strugglismo"

Starting here (, there begins a conversation about this word and what it means. I have some opinions, but I am also afraid I am being a little too prescriptivist; maybe the word has drifted, since it's initial coining by Aragorn! some months ago, to mean a different thing.

I would certainly be interested in hearing what others think the word means when they see others using it, or what they mean by it themselves.

Statement proposing FNB Global Day of Solidarity April 03, 2016

We, the Kansas City, Missouri chapter of Food Not Bombs, announce a general call out for a Food Not Bombs Global Day of Solidarity on April 03, 2016. Our pursuit is a united demonstration of agency across the planet linking group to group to intensify our organization.

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civilization, used as a noun rather than verb, is another spook

the article asks: What are the implications of the notion that civilization has encroached over every space on the planet, and is there any hope for escape?

using 'civilization' as a subject that inflects a verb is the same 'error of grammar' Nietzsche points to with his 'lightning flashes' example.

continuing conversation from wildism: nasty end-game

at the end of the day, 'science' depends on language

as poincare observes, nature does not depend on language but science does, and there are many languages, more or less complex. languages cultivate common belief; i.e. they construct 'semantic realities' which can be used as 'operative realities'. as the language complexifies, so do the behaviours of collectives using the same 'semantic reality' to coordinate their behaviours.

Demonstrations against the state and against fascists in Idlib Province, Syria

After revolutionaries in Idlib province, an area substantially controlled by Jabhat al-Nusra, demonstrated to continue the revolution, JaN attacked them and the next day attacked Free Syrian Army positions and captured many people. However, after days of sustained demonstrations against the fascists, a group lead by women stormed JaN's prison and freed the captives two days ago.

Anarchist Federation of Individuals and Locals in America

So here are some principles for forming an anarchist federation of individuals and locals in America. Other principles? Better principles? Your idea on how to do a federation? Don't really care if you don't want a federation, we get it, this is a conversation for those who do.

continuing conversation for totw racism

re marlon's encouragement to move from non- to anti-racism

the belief in ‘categories’ as independently-existing things-in-themselves entities [yes, 'spooks'] such as ‘races’ is the great folly of Western culture. they are the product of the architecture of noun-and-verb Indo-European/scientific language-and-grammar. by contrast, the languages of indigenous aboriginals have a relational architecture which employs verbs where we use nouns.