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Montana is no place for any activist...

I used to be a part of certain groups & learned the hard way... In my younger days I thought that White Nationalist were decent people, boy was I wrong. They are connected & they definitely will destroy anyone if they're angry with you for anything! I'm choosing this path now because its the only one for me. Gallatin county judges took my whole life away after proving how my life had been destroyed and of course local law enforcement was involved. Republicans are ass wipes! Just wanted to warn people to stay out or very low key around here!

Red and Black Cafe to Host International Socialist Organization Fundraiser

The Red and Black Café, in Portland, Oregon is hosting a fundraising event by the International Socialist Organization (ISO) on Friday, March 6th. This is strange, to say the least, if you know anything about the ISO. The ISO, for those who don’t know, and perhaps this includes members of the shrinking Red and Black Collective, is Trotskyist, with an authoritarian, top down organization, which has a parasitic relationship to social movements, seeking to use them to recruit people into its ranks.

Land and Freedom - Growing Beyond the Book

This thread is for discussing the Book "Land and Freedom" by Sea Weed. Specifically, it is about discussing the ideas that could be called some sort of subsistence land struggle. It is written specifically from the perspective of Indigenous and supporting roles and with the intention of creating a greater discussion surrounding it.