From Danilo, accused of setting fire to police van in Barcelona

In February, the imprisonment of the rapper Pablo Hasél and the riots in Linares, in Andalousia, following the beating of a man and his daughter by plainclothes cops sparked a brief moment of revolt in the Iberian territory, especially in Catalonia. The reasons go beyond freedom of expression: hatred of the police, refusal of the curfew, the economic and social situation, etc. Saturday 27th February a riot broke out in the centre of Barcelona: banks and shops were trashed, ATMs burnt, clashes and barricades against the cops, and slight burning of a police van.

Mutual Exchange Radio: Dispatches from Russia (C4SS Around the World)

In this special edition of Mutual Exchange Radio, Alex McHugh interviews Ilya, a Russian social anarchist and anti-fascist. Ilya has written for C4SS a couple of times as well as translating some English articles into Russian. In this interview, part of our “Around the World” mini-series with C4SS contributors across the world, we dig into the current muted nature of Russian political activism, the Russian far-right and the dangers they pose, and antifascist hardcore and anarcho-chanson music

How an anarchist commune for queer people grew a haven in conservative rural Colorado

The group plans to soon fly three flags on the property: one representing the transgender community, one red-and-black flag representing anti-fascism and one pirate flag. They’re not interested in trying to hide who they are.

“We’re not leaving,” Nelson said. “We’re building our foundation stronger.”

Pivot to Spanish

nature is a language, can't you read?

From The Anarchist Library by anonymous, ex-Montreal Anarchist Bookfair Collective

What follows is a very inflated argument for the first of three proposals[1] I had for the development of “language policy” with respect to the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair. When I started writing, the intended audience was no larger than the other people who make the book fair happen, i.e. members of the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair Collective (MABC) and a slightly larger circle of volunteers and friends. I began writing in the spring of 2020, before the 21st iteration of the book fair on May 17 of that year, although I had drafted shorter texts on much the same theme in earlier years, also for a readership within the collective and the next innermost circle of collaborators. Most of the writing was done over the summer of 2020, after the 2020 book fair was over and, more importantly, after I decided that I wanted to leave the collective, which was at some point in early June.

Springtime Smoke Signals

french pdf

On May 19, after eight months in pretrial custody in the Nancy prison, state agents will be putting the anarchist B. on trial for an arson attack on two cellular relay towers during the big lockdown. It’s well known that solidarity means attack, and here is a perfect opportunity to not leave a companion alone against these scumbags in robes, while also continuing the urgent task of demolishing the old world…

Hamilton: Fuck the Covid Cops!

from North-Shore.Info

I was pretty upset so I made a bunch of posters and put them up around my neighbourhood in East Hamilton. Would they have been better if I’d taken more time? For sure. Should I have put “Covid is real” or something on them so it’s more clear I’m not an anti-masker or denialist? Probably. But I would say it’s more important to act, to make visible some opposition to these authoritarian measures, so that we don’t all feel scared and alone.


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