65 Years of Revolution

for an anarchism that calls itself specific, it sounds pretty generic

from Anarchist Communists Meanjin

By Oliver

From the 27th to the 29th of October the Federación Anarquista uruguaya – FAU celebrated its 65th anniversary of its founding. The FAU developed the theory of Especifismo, a strategy for anarchist communist organising that strongly influences Anarchist Communists Meanjin. During its existence it has played a significant role in union organising, international political discourse and resistance to dictatorship. To introduce this organisation, its history and ideas to an Australian audience I have written this article.

Legal Order

Legal Order

From Libertarian Labyrinth by Shawn P. Wilbur

There is a kind of slogan or maxim that circulates in anarchist spaces: Anarchy means “no rulers,” but not “no rules.” It is most often presented as a kind of common-sense answer to portrayals of anarchy as some kind of “Mad Max” scenario, where all parties engage in a constant struggle to ward off the depredations of lawless others. It is generally, I think, presented in good faith — as are similar attempts to distinguish between government and governance, the various appeals to “legitimate authority” and “justified hierarchy,” etc. — but it forces us to distinguish between at least two very different currents in modern anarchistic thought.

Solidarity with Francisco Solar

Write an anarchist prisoner today! Even if it's on a wall!

via Enough 14

Full title: Thessaloniki, Greece: Intervention at MarCom tzelepoglou – Solidarity with Francisco Solar

Thessaloniki. Greece. On 24/11, an intervention took place, with leaflets and spray paint, at the company MarCom tzelepoglou, owned by the Chilean Consul, R. Tzelepoglou, as a minimal sign of solidarity with comrade F. Solar.

Update about Boris

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via Anarquía, English translation by Anarchist News

Contrary to what we had expected, the interruption of the sedation and the induced coma a month and a half ago did not result in the beginning of a full recovery of our comrade.

Boris is still in the burn unit of the Metz hospital, in intensive care. He is in a fragile and unstable condition. He still cannot speak nor write. It is not known how much time a full recovery of his capacities will take.

Feminism Practices What Anarchism Preaches

Feminism Practices What Anarchism Preaches

From Empty Hands History

“Feminism Practices What Anarchism Preaches”: Anarcha-Feminism in the 20th Century (Panel Recording)

I recently organized an online panel at the Boston Anarchist Bookfair on November 14th (2021), which was recorded and uploaded to Youtube. My own talk, which begins around 41:20, is titled “‘We’re Pro-Choice and We Riot’: Anarcha-Feminism in Love and Rage (1989-98).” It is based on research and interviews that I have been conducting for my dissertation on North American anarchism in the late 20th century.

10 years of neighbourhood anarchism: The FAGC

10 years of neighbourhood anarchism: The FAGC

From autonomies.org

We translated and published our first post dedicated to the Federación Anarquista Gran Canaria in May of 2013. We have since tried modestly and from a distance to follow the remarkable activity of those who have made the Federación and its anarchism a living reality, and this in ways that are today uncommon.

Dan Baker Moved to Tennessee

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via It's Going Down

Full title: Anarchist Prisoner Dan Baker Moved to Tennessee; Addresses Supporters; “Please Send Letters and Books to Read!”

Anarchist prisoner Dan Baker issues a statement after being moved to a facility in Memphis, Tennessee. View below how to send books and donations to Baker. Listen to a discussion on This Is America about his case.

Draguignan: Damien Camelio, anarchist comrade, jailed again

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via Attaque

Anarchist comrade Damien Camelio is in pre-trial detention on charges of “attempted kidnapping”, “ambush”, “violence”, and “death threats”, “defamation”.

He has prepared a lengthy statement which he will make at his trial on 8 November 2021.

The trial will take place in a courtroom open to the public.

A car of the municipal police on fire

via Attaque

Sunday evening we were walking towards Saint-Mandé and we came across a silk-screened car of the municipal police of Kremlin-Bicêtre. Parked there, in a street apart (rue de l’amiral Courbet), quiet. The only thing missing was the red carpet. Neither one nor two, we went to look for firelighters, and shortly after the keufmobile already started to burn!


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