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from Anarchist Communists Meanjin

A Quick Guide for the Freedom Day Rallies

This guide is a publication of the Anarchist-Communist groups in Australia. Printable PDF is available here.

This pamphlet was written on the lands of the Wurundjeri and Wuthurung peoples of the Kulin Nation. Sovereignty was never ceded.

The following is an adaptation of a zine produced by Anarchist Affinity, Melbourne, in 2015. The original was produced to help antifascists prepare for confronting Reclaim Australia and the subsequent United Patriots Front rallies. The text has been adapted and information updated relevant to the November 20th “Freedom Day” anti-vax rallies.

Get Organised:

If you’re not already involved in organising against the far-right and anti-vaccine rallies, there’s still time. Search for the counter rally page in your city, read up about what’s going on and consider making contact with the rally organisers to answer any questions you might have.

Talk to your friends, your family and anyone else about what you want to do, and get them to come along with you. The more of us there are, the easier this is going to be. Remember we aren’t just out there because we hate the far-right. We are showing solidarity with healthcare workers and everyone else who is getting shafted during the pandemic. 

Many immunocompromised people can’t risk attending a large gathering like a rally, so it’s our job to stand in solidarity with them against the selfish demands of the anti-science, anti-vaccine protestors. We hope it goes without saying, but you should only be attending these rallies if you are fully vaccinated and don’t have any cold or flu symptoms. Solidarity isn’t effective if you increase the risk of putting your comrades in unnecessary danger. 

Have a Plan:

  1. Check out transport options. Figure out with your friends how you’re going to get there on the day and stick to the plan. It’s highly recommended to travel together, simply for safety reasons. It’s also good for morale and building solidarity. The most important thing is everyone is on the same page; knows what is expected of them, where to be and when. When it comes to anti-fascism, getting out of bed on time really matters! Also sort out how you are going to get home in advance, and have a back up plan in case of changing circumstances.
  2. Know where you’re going and what the protest area looks like. Look at a map and try to memorise the layout of the streets and any significant landmarks. Figure out how you will move between transport and the rally area.
  3. Dress appropriately! First and foremost; wear a mask! This isn’t some edgy left-wing protest thing, it’s a matter of safety during the Coronavirus pandemic. Secondly, consider the conditions in your city. Whatever the weather, hats and sunglasses are going to be useful if you’re standing outside all day. They can also help protect your identity (if that’s something you are concerned about). Also minimising the exposure of your face is good if the cops start using pepper spray. Furthermore it’s also a really good idea to stash a change of top, spare sunnies and masks in your backpack, in case you want to change it up on your way home. You don’t want to be dressed conspicuously if you’re travelling home solo or in a small group.
  4. In your backpack bring water, snacks, sunscreen, umbrella/raincoat, a bit of cash, photo ID and any medications you require (in their original packaging). It is best to remove any object that might be considered a ‘weapon’, such as tools, scissors, nail files, pocket-knives etc. In Melbourne, at times, police will declare an area a “designated area”, which gives them the right to search anybody with no justification or reason. Therefore, removing any object that could be deemed a weapon could save you from facing trumped-up weapons charges. 

Get informed:

There’s plenty of really useful stuff on the internet about preparing for an action like this. At the very least, it would be worth checking out Fitzroy Legal Service’s Activists Rights Handbook for basic stuff about your legal rights when on a political demonstration or action.

The old Melbourne Street Medic Collective’s website has some helpful guides to collectively managing trauma from protest situations. Collective self-care is essential to a robust movement. There will also be medic teams on the ground this weekend that will provide support and guidance if necessary. 

Regularly check in on the event pages of the organisers in your city for any last-minute updates that may impact the day: 

Safety & strength in numbers:

This is pretty common sense really but it is worth repeating.

Any time you go to an action, no matter what sort, it’s worth buddying up. This will not only help you communicate, co-ordinate and get things done on the day, but it will keep you all safe.

Pick a buddy, stick with them, and coordinate amongst a broader group of people so everyone can check in & be accounted for. There are plenty of apps for your phone that have good group messaging functions; the most secure is Signal for group messages. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and collects more data, while Telegram groups messages don’t offer end-to-end encryption.

Whatever dangers do exist when dealing with the far-right can be effectively minimised on the day provided we stick together & look out for one another.

If you don’t have a buddy or a group of contacts to coordinate with, then ensure you get to the event before the scheduled start time, stick with the crowd & try to make some friends.

Remember that solidarity is contagious. If you are feeling nervous, chances are someone else is too. Speak up, reach out & support one another.

A few points about the far-right:

Almost every far-right, white-supremacist & neo-Nazi organisation in the country (including members of the National Socialist Network) is taking advantage of the anti-Covid movement and will be attending the “Freedom Day” rallies. So it’s worth considering the following points:

  1. It is important to consider the potential threat posed by not only the fascists, but the loony conspiracy theorists and weird Trump fanboys without overstating it. Though they claim to be peaceful protestors and concerned with “freedom” the movement is, by and large, constituted of violent right-wing groups with various prejudices. What they have in common is that they love to act real tough. But they’re rather less impressive in person. Some are individually dangerous but it’s easy to avoid this danger with a few simple precautions.
  2. Different towns in Australia have different levels of far-right activity, so it really depends where you are as to what flavour of muppet you might be dealing with. Some general rules still apply though: if you’re walking down the street and a gang of boofy blokes wearing flag-capes comes towards you, consider walking somewhere else.
  3. The far-right will often use their own media propaganda to spread their incoherent messages and lies. If you are approached by someone with a small microphone and camera without a recognisable media organisation logo, it may be the far-right trying to spin their propaganda. Best is to not engage with them and let others know, as they will be expelled from the rally if it is confirmed they are far-right provocateurs. Remember you can’t engage with them on a logical basis as they will edit the content to further their beliefs.  
  4. The rhetoric of the far-right has become increasingly vitriolic over the last few years. Across the globe the majority of terror attacks are carried out by far-right groups and individuals. In Melbourne a bloke with a bow and arrow was arrested outside Parliament while making threats just last week. At the last antivax protest, someone brought a makeshift gallows, complete with nooses. This is also the same crowd that smashed up the CFMEU headquarters and have increasingly escalated anti-left rhetoric. Protests in Auckland have featured brazen swatschitka displays. The fascists are emboldened, meaning we should take security more seriously.
  5. It’s important to identify the actual nazis on the day, both to keep people safe, but also to try & make “Freedom Day” organisers sod the nazis off. Our resistance is likely to increase fractures amongst the right. And if there’s one thing we know, it’s that the far-right likes to eat itself. We want to put pressure on the divisions in their movement.
  6. This really can be the most important thing you can do. Staying safe is looking out for one another & sticking together. There is no more important time to do this than when the rally breaks up & everyone goes home. Fascists are bullies, but they’re also cowards & often hang around in the city looking to pick a fight. We can protect ourselves from this threat by making sure we move in a group (to the station etc), with purpose & with a clear idea of where we’re going. Know the location, know the exit routes & stick to your plan. If your rally has marshals, they should have planned for these contingencies and will provide some direction on the day. 

Finally, there are people who monitor the far-right in depth. Consider following these people online to keep up to date with what is happening in general, and on the day.

Be careful around the police:

It doesn’t matter what you actually think about the police, love ‘em or hate ‘em, you will definitely have to deal with them on the day. The Activists Rights Handbook is a much more rigorous & comprehensive guide for dealing with the law than we have room for here, but here are a few tips:

  1. Don’t talk to them unless you are detained or arrested. You don’t have to speak to the cops, and no matter how nice they are, the reason they speak to you is to gain information that they may attempt to use against you or someone else. Better to be safe and say nothing at all – you will never be able to talk your way out of trouble, but you very may well talk your way into trouble. 
  2. Elect a police liaison to negotiate on your group’s behalf. Instead of allowing the cops to decide who they want to put pressure on, choose a confident person whose job it is to communicate with the plod if/when it is necessary. If police ask you a question, refer them to the police liaison. 
  3. Don’t waste your time trying to reason with them about why nazis shouldn’t get to parade around in public. They either don’t care, or it’s their job to not care. An organisation as corrupt and institutionally racist as the police force cannot be used as a tool to confront racism.
  4. Use your common sense & don’t do anything silly. By all means defend yourself & your friends if attacked, but don’t initiate anything with the far-right, no matter what they say or do. Collective action is what makes antifascism effective, not individual bravado.
  5. When you arrive at the protest, ask the organisers/marshals if there is specific legal support in case of an arrest. If there is, write down that number in the unlikely event you are arrested. If there isn’t, consider contacting one of the following if you need legal support, and have the relevant numbers written down.

A few easy pointers on health and safety:

  1. We already pointed out how important it is to wear a mask. But it’s worth repeating. Masks vastly reduce the likelihood of spreading Coronavirus. They also obscure your identity (fascists like to “intelligence gather” and harass people they identify opposing them). Masks also provide a degree of protection from pepper spray. You don’t want to inhale that stuff.
  2. Furthermore, on pepperspray, oil based sunscreens can trap the chemicals on your skin. It’s good to use an alternative.
  3. Hand sanitiser and social distancing! As with all public events during a pandemic, try and stick to general public health guidelines. Things like social distancing might prove tricky, but not impossible. Hand sanitiser should be available but it’s a good idea to bring your own.
  4. Wear runners or steel capped boots. It’s super important to have good footwear on the day. You might have to leg it in a hurry, or your toes could risk being stomped in a crowd or by mounted police. Don’t wear thongs or heels!
  5. Sunnies also help protect your identity and can help (though are far from failsafe) protecting from pepperspray and other debris. It’s usually a good idea to buy one or two real cheap pairs. Do NOT wear contact lenses on the day, if pepperspray is deployed, it can get caught behind contact lenses and cause permanent damage. 
  6. It can’t hurt to have a pair of earplugs on hand. Noise disruption can be a tactic of both fash and police. But don’t use them if they interfere with your awareness of the situation.
  7. Look out for medics! Any well organised rally should have a team of identifiable, properly trained medics on standby. Sometimes the fash like to have a go at medics so keeping an eye out for threats to them is also a good idea.
  8. These are very basic points, for more comprehensive information on protesting during Covid see Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission

Have fun:

For the most part, the kind of muppets who turn out to a rally denouncing vaccines and health mandates are by and large already a long way down the rabbit hole. On any cursory glance at the attendance of the recent anti-vax rallies you will see fascists, conspiracy theorists, “alternative health” cranks, grifters and even evangelicals who believe the virus is some kind of “end of days.” These people are so selfish they won’t even get a vaccine to help contribute to public health and safety. By and large they are pitiful, pathetic and ridiculous. Make good use of that fact.

It’s likely that most of their attendees are so attached to their silly conspiracy theories that they are well beyond rational debate. But they are not beyond ridicule.

Blast them with music, sing them songs, chant them down. Dance your ass off to anti-racist tunes, explain to passers by why they’re plonkers, bring along a vuvuzela.. Whatever! Anti-fascism can be a lot of fun too.

The most effective forms of resistance involve everyone participating how they’re best able, so bring your skills, creativity and your friends and let’s make a go of it!

Stand together, stay safe, no pasaran.

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This is essentially r/Anarchism levels or retardation in terms of what a threat is. What anarchists should be trying to do is sophisticate and be the better position of what these types are not be fucking consensus science foot soldiers.

Anarchism is fucking dead and needs no enemies with these assclown adherents.

"What anarchists should do is !!!" --SoreEinziggy

For a person so concerned with expressing their Individualness to everyone you sure are obsessed with the Group.

"Anarchism is fucking dead" --SoreEinziggy

Bye, Ziggy. Can't say we're sad to see you go. Don't look back.

You can still interject shoulds and oughts into a discourse that you are interested in. Anarchists acting the r/Anarchist fool displeases me as it brings down the greater intelligence of anarchist/anarchy discourse. This does not make you obsessed with the group. Group and discourse are different things silly.

I'm not going anywhere when it comes to anarchy and interjecting ideas 14:10. Old ossified 1968 anarchism on the other hand is. There are less and less people joining your activist shitholes and once the antifa bubble bursts your lot will be as dead as 1886 anarchism heading into WW2:) and BOY do I look forward to that collapse. Then a new era of anarchism/anarchy and radicalism can begin that is properly prepped for the coming cybernetic pre-dark age world.

> There

Goodness there's a lot to unpack in here. I'll spare you the continued embarrassment and just wish you a lovely "new era of anarchism/anarchy and radicalism" and "coming cybernetic pre-dark age world," Ziggy. May a thousand sex robot flowers bloom for your AnArCH InDivIDuAlisT EgOnarcY.

Bro, but anarchy is state mandates and scientism and giving up health and body autonomy for the community

if you don't stand in solidarity you are a reactionary fascist

this is anarchy 2021

It's never been better baby. Heil the community, Heil science.

Also Mutual Aid Covid programs for the poor just fill the gaps in the government social nets, to give society a lil help where the State still didn't manage to get it done by paying you (but maybe later...). "Anarchists" fighting on the front lines, as usual ;-)

We're talking here about Australian anarcho-lefitsts (or really just liberal leftists who haven't yet realized how they're just liberals). Perhaps the worst anarchist milieu on the planet (along with that neighboring insular corporatist regime known as New Zealand)? Even in Netherlands they still got a thriving squat movement, but what have they got in Australia other than liberal activism?

i think it's great that anarchists take the opportunity to participate in an event called "Freedom day", and of course their intervention ought to be conflictive. may anarchy be forever associated with freedom and conflict!

They’ve never been better(sarcastic head shake)

Nope. Also, you know that was a sarcastic post right?

This is a depressing return to the historically obsolete binary war of the 20th Century between 2 rival capital management systems. C'mon ---anarch-esque--- desirees, there's a fun and creative methodology awaiting you all, not this B-grade Manichean ideological wrestling match.

"beware the selfish alternative health-ers, the grifters, the riff raff, the fly by nights, and most of all... those unreasonable, irrational, no-good muppets out there."

- some anarchists in australia, 2021.

this is extremely good optics that will only make us all look better here in Australia, and most importantly it will lay the groundwork for the upcoming federal election when all us anarchists will be doing lots of mutual aid that will involve getting people to vote for socialist parties to enable us to continue the long march through the institutions and of course to keep building dual power on social media.

Very symbolic.

Tho that doesn't mean the fascistic control freaks who've been in charge in Australia lately are any better.

Malaka! Check why our comrades in Greece and Italy are fighting against this shit on athens indymedia. The person who wrote this wants anarchists to submit to medical tyranny, and defines those of us anarchists or otherwise, who dont agree with mandates as selfish? By all means resist the fascists, but dont give up on bodily autonomy because some boneheads are trying to exploit the vaccination enforcements. People are not selfish because they choose to take the covid jab or not , you have to ask each person their reasoning for this to get an understanding rather than generalise.

comrades I have no hope you will do anything to end class society or the state less authoritarianism, you have affectively excluded those from the working class and other anarchists that diagree, rather than being a bridge to out manover far right elements, you are adding to divisions that the state is already managing to manipulate. Autonomy must mean something completely different to you guys.

Of course reactionaries will manipulate but to betray our princlples of bodily autonomy cognitive liberty and freedom of association and choice is a compromise to far. And pretty petty if its just being done cus some right wingers trump knobheads and fascists are lerking around, that petty. Let face it even after hypothetical revolution, people will still have differences and different ways of living. Fuck chomsky on that note or any so called comrades that support the exclusion and scapegoating of other human beings in stead of punch high at power. Dont betray your ethics comrades.

These dogmatic leftoids from rich countries only compute concepts based on guilt-by-association fallacy... judging a position entirely from the lens of those expressing or pushing it, regardless of the inherent meaning of the concepts involved.

"Anarchists" shouldn't stand as a criteria for being taken seriously, or even listened to. This word is super-cheap, and leftie liberals like those above are the main crowd abusing it for their own social cred, and this has to stop.

It sucks that Australians have had the choice between a government imposing stay at home orders as long as 118 days and far-right nazis who oppose vaccines and masks too. Care to guess how fast fascists in power (these included) would exploit any pandemic to increase their power? Trump certainly started down that road before his business class masters put the brakes on him. One week he talked of quarantining all of NYC (setting off a migration of the rich to Florida) and of martial law, then that talked dropped off the radar.

I use KN-95 masks in all indoor environments save my own house or that of a date, and got both my original vaccine and booster within days of availability. I cannot however distinguish one kind of confinement from another-and had to flee MD at the end of March 2020 when the governor beat his chest on the news about sending people to jail for up to a year if they defied his stay at home order.

It is doubtful I would now be alive if I lived in Australia, as I could not have survived submission to that stay at home order, and the Outback is said to be much harder to survive in than any of the extreme rural areas of the US where I waited out the stay at home orders away from the general public. I would have tried to escape to the Outback, but this would have been a long shot. On the lockdown issue I have publicly compared Australia to North Korea due to the heavy police enforcement and hair-trigger imposition of them.

I disobeyed lockdown and went to illegal parties and events the whole time. I personally don't wear a mask unless it's for anti-surveillance purposes (and it's debatable if they even serve for that with the modern biometric tech these days). I have no intention of getting vaccinated with any of the experimental vaccines on the market. I participate in demos against the green pass.
As an anarchist I support people's right to decide for themselves ( be it staying at home, masking, getting vaccinated, OR NOT) and anybody that wants to take away my and other's right to choose through force and coercion is not an anarchist. They are my enemy whatever they choose to call themselves. simple as that.

fair enough! as an anarchist, i think you're a bit of a self indulgent jackass but i agree with your point and your argument makes perfect sense. we don't have to like each other or agree on everything. the force and coercion thing is the real shit. the "axiom".

and i would encourage folks to apply this nuance to things like how a public gathering hosted by anarchists that strongly encourage you to wrap up your blowhole, that's not the same thing as coercive force.

since this is the world now and likely it's going to stay this way at least partly, anarchists can always refine their analysis around this stuff.

that's not how "attack" works. if you ever left the internet "doc", you'd know that.

that was me being relatively friendly!

But the Australian government gave every unemployed person 650 dollars /week to stay home, BUT allowed out just for shopping within a radius of 5km. Hardly North Korean, and like, tv, popcorn, and holiday party spirit.
Get you details accurate Luke., the only people objecting down under are the neo-Nazis.

What about undocumented people? Ever think about them? It's quite telling how the so-called "anarchists" are willing to throw the most marginalized under the bus to gain points with the neoliberal left and let yourselves get fooled yourselves into thinking the bourgeois state is some sort of humanitarian force to ally with.
"only people objecting down under are the neo-Nazis." This is just dishonesty and if you have any dignity you should be ashamed of yourself for disseminating the lies of the MSM.

haha they're probably just trolling or only thinking about it for 3 seconds. nobody's giving us any "points" for chirping away on @news, i assure you! what's the exact opposite of points? yeah, that!

Another 5 dollars to anon 12:20 for this negative supression of lateral thinking!

How can one troll be so bad at threading their replies? Take your 5 dollars and buy a clue, dood!

Yeah so, a 5 km radius is just a bigger prison to me, as my countryside living makes use of more than that to enjoy daily life. Also the enforcement of such measures means... checkpoints at every few kms or so? Not very anarchistic, u messed up dude.

That doesn't make the government right, it just means the Nazis are exploiting the issue.

Remember, I am coming from the perspective of having had to flee over 1,000 miles to escape MD when this shit started, and Governor Hogan turned out to be only bluffing. In Australia so far as I ever heard there were no useful borders to escape over, unlike the US where every state may as well have been a separate country so far as lockdowns etc were concerned.

I don't know how Melbourne survived a 118 day house arrest lockdown without a storm of suicides. I can accept expulsion from population over a pandemic but never, ever house arrest.

There are actually very little nazis left in the world outside of a marginal subsociety. A right wing dominated protest does not equal nazi.

Quite frankly I'd like to see some more Rotterdams going on right now. I think that most leftist rioting is retarded and a waste of time. What's going on in Rotterdam on the other hand is very pertinent to at least try to push back against the coming cybernetic technocratic power grab.

I think failing to recognize that common definitions changing over time is “retarded and a waste of time” tactic used by incel trolls to “well ahcktually” their greasy opinions into interesting conversation that is above their intellectual capacity. There are nazis and a nazi does not just mean what it once meant. This is basic.

This may apply to substructural elements of an ideology but fascism has a structure and it is simply not seen in these right wing(and left wing if we look at Europe) protests. The few fascists today that are around still have the same thought/position structure as the likes of Mussolini, Gentile and Evola before them. The New Left was structurally the same as the old left albeit with new lines of emphasis('oppressed' nationalism as opposed to class).

What exactly about fascism has changed in your view outside of it becoming wedged in certain musical and internet youth subsocieties?

Language has structure. It is structure.
You're equating nazism with fascism which is fine but by your own previous logic you are already failing.
Troll on, edgy troll.

How does this change my point about the base and the surface level stuff exactly? Nazism is obviously the German characteristic of what was coined in Italy. The point would remain for that to that Nazism has a particular positionality that you just don't equate to any manifestation of right wing populism.

Why does the moderator delete replies that are critical of SirEinzige? There is value in the interaction which points out that his method of trolling is tiring and that it has continued for years. There is no sincerity or good faith in his continued gravity game. This makes zero sense to moderate a one-sided discussion, as platform, on a so-called anarchist discussion website. What exactly is the moderator trying to accomplish by leaving SirEinzige's outbursts but no reactions to them? I added a nickname to cut off that oft used but valueless, canned response.

Guys, they delete my stuff to.

> to

"There are nazis and a nazi does not just mean what it once meant."

I get the idea but all we got since the end of WW2 are Neonazis, as there's little certainty as to whatever happened with the actual Nazis after the war. It's mostly a bunch of moronic and somewhat often (indeed) dangerous fanboys stuck into old racist/ultranationalist convictions.

the nazis ideology (and many actual nazis especially scientists and technocrats) got assimilated into so called democracy in the immediate aftermath of the war. the germans may have lost the war but their ideology won. call it what you want

Wow, sooo PNPS,,,,,,Post Nazi Paranoid Syndrome. Luke my mate, take a deep breath, the war is over, but continue on against the corporate hegemony by all means ;)

Trump and the Trumpist GOP are working all-out to stage a 2024 comeback. Some expect violence and ignored election results as soon as next year's mid-terms.

Trump's base hasn't gone anywhere, the Proud Boys are.staging violent events again, this is NOT over. Anyone who sold or trashed their armor, helmet etc thinking this is done will just have to get more.

In short, this is likely to be at most an interwar not a postwar environment in the US. Last year the US was said to have the fastest growth of political violence in the world. This would have to be a passing flash fire for the war to be over now, but there is just too much fuel for that

Have you ever pondered the similarities between Mussolini's fascism and leftwing populist nationalism, or socialism? How can you disregard the left/right oscillations of the same collective population over a 10 year period? Did they all just flip over their values, aspirations and ideologies? Do you call Catholics fascists?
Maybe we all have commies and fascists struggling to escape from our minds. Everytime we curse and angrily slam our fist onto the table it is the dictator in us showing through?

Consolidation of State and corporate capital... Cult of an ethno-centric nation... Fusion of religion and State... Promotion of the war effort... Attempt at eradicating the LEFT political opposition, including the labor unions, at least not aligned with the Party...

No, fascism ain't socialism. Not even leftwing populist nationalism.

You've made fascism out to be a personal immoral stance distinguished by a racist xenophobic resistance to outsiders when its only another form of reactionary labor/capital management. For example, Reaganomics is just anofher term/mode of "fascism".
Fascism is just a word to describe the control of the workforce and State owned capital. Its no more evil than monarchies, feudalism, capitalism, socialism and a plethora of variant mercantile materialist blueprints.

PS The people you call " fascists" are just the run-of-the-mill sociopaths who have existed for millenia in all Western cultures. Your view of history is so narrow and shallow it misses the deeper collective psychologies of hierarchical communities.

you haven't really established that they're "missing" that, you've just established that you don't like the use of the word ... likely for reasons unique to your own perspective but hey! keep strawmanning

I'm not strawmanning, I know alot about the collective mindset, cults and their heroic myths and narcissistic sociopathic tendencies, the hallmarks of the classic sociopathic politicized personality and its hateful doctrines. Nero, Richard 2, Nixon, Bundy, Custer, Hitler, Epstein, Emperor Maximus, Brutus, etc

you are. you're assuming the other person doesn't know that stuff for no discernible reason.

i would use the word fascism as shorthand and i'm well aware of what you're talking about. manipulating people isn't new, a certain flavour of how to do it commonly gets referred to as fascism or populism, etc . your opinions on how to categorize things in a "better way" aren't particularly interesting to me.

hang around here awhile and you'll wish you had $5 for every clever duck who thinks they have better ideas about what words to use and why. sirziggles will talk about that shit until he's blue in the face and none of it is interesting.

SE for years, and unsurprisingly it doesn't work
Also, there isn't a sharp distinction between political right and left anyway because their just constructs, its really funny how we keep arguing about this. I think seeing power as a right vs. Left thing not only shows ignorance of history, but things as they currently are.

I'd like 5 dollars for every bigmouth naysayer who negatively replies to every comment from folk with lateral ideas about social relationships and how collective psychology riefies its institutional framework and interpretes its exploitive semantic reality.

is jingoistic right wing populism with US characteristics such as constitutionalism propertarianism and other spooks. While there are some similarities with the German stuff they are marginal similarities not structural. The end result of Trump is something like what you get in Poland or Hungary and while those states are awful they're not fascist or nazi.

I doubt how the current regimes in Hungary and Poland aren't fascists. Not Nazis... but they clearly check all the boxes of fascism.

Authoritarian nationalism certainly though still within bourgeois political economic confines. They may check some of the boxes(as does stakeholder capital corporatist technocratic liberal ideology) but they ain't fascists. The peak oil factor can at least partially explain why you are seeing an uptick in things like non-open border nationalism. Fascism developed on an energy incline and played a key role as one of the political forms of corporatism that assimilated labour, state and capital. Now you're seeing a different type of assimilation happen as well as reactionary blowbacks against it by those who are loyal to the nationalist order of things(Trump, Orban ect).

I check out anarchist news now and then to laugh at hilarious posts by goose-stepping fascists. How could a sane human being believe injecting an unapproved corporate genetic engineering experiment into your body made any sense? Tens of thousands have died from the fake vaccines and still the left shills the toxins. THIS is why people with IQ's above 100 shrug off your lunacy. I am a true environmentalist. I try to avoid all poisons. Let the weak (with a half dozen co-morbidities already) die off from all the normal flu strains labeled as the STILL non-isolated hoax called "Covid 19." The earth will be reclaimed by the healthy, by the paleo humans. Transhumanist cyborgs are the real enemy, not "trumpists" (whatever that means). As long as skinny jeans anarchists attack liberty-loving, untainted humans, no one will take anything they say seriously. Ever. Fake "primal" anarchists like John Zerzan even shill the vax. What a sad, sick world. Let Gaia recover, let the rain forests go wyld, let our bodies be free from hazardous waste labeled as "medicine." Long live the fighters!

LMAO. Good b8, m8. Calling pro-medicine/science anarchists, "goose stepping fascists," while saying the weak should just die so the "healthy paleo humans" can claim the earth... lulz.

And your posting pattern still betrays you. But enjoy your roleplay, silly boi. You've totally fooled everyone! ;-)

There's no ICU oxygen respirators in Gaia dude, but you can make face masks out of spider cobwebs and caterpilar coocoon cases which can filter out micron sized aerosols. Goodluck surviving!

You're laughing today, but will be crying tomorrow, as the new boneheads of the 4th Industrial Revolution will be literal killer robot dogs and robot birds of prey with autonomous AIs, and (non-)advancements in lithium power maybe be the only place where such evolution can be countered.

You've been having little fascist dorks working hard in your campuses for years right under your noses while you were ORGANIZING the rev with your maoist brothas...

So how will you punch or prosecute a killer drone?

This sad chud thinks they have answers to technological problems but can't even thread their replies. Hilarious.

With a shotgun if up close, a machine gun at distance. Maybe with nothing more than computer code and radio if the control channel is not encrypted.Maybe by spoofing GPS the way Iran captured a US RQ-170 drone. They made it land by sending fake GPS signals saying it was over its own airfield.

Maybe we go countervalue with drones of our own. Drones are cheap airpower, the equalizer of the sky. Air combat drones for defense are.also possible. Even a swarm of cheap hobby shop drones can close the sky to an enemy.

I have never forgotten how the pigs attacking Standing Rock shot down an Indigrnous run drone after having their far more expensive and manned helicopter chased away.

If you're going to take that line against covid you better know what you're arguing. I've studied the discourse of virology for years so I at least know their strengths and weaknesses and how they would take on the point that covid was never isolated(they would say 'are you saying all those other viruses haven't been isolated either). I would say yes but I would have a ready made counter theory to explain what viral disease ACTUALLY are.

Covid is many things but it is NOT a hoax. It's a toxicological viral disease that probably didn't come from a lab. Why does the earth need to be 'reclaimed' in your view. The earth is to be lived on. It doesn't care what humans do to it even it if were brought down to a Martian type existence. While I'm not a humanist I'd like as many people to survive as possible and gain self-enjoyment on this planet. Plenty will be tainted.

Vitamins are a fascist construct to stimulate wage slavery!

Your esteemed colleague Dr Reich also emphasized the daily orgasm to thwart the emergence of fascist mindsets and theorised a possible physiological link to enslavement.

stick around for more spam, pseudoscience and nonsense from our resident narcissist blabbermouth energy vampire

Reich's The Mass Psychology of Fascism was the first book I read which confirmed ideas I was having as an adolescent about conforming to norms, and ironically led me to this site.

the daily orgasm was the first hobby which satiated impulses i was having as an adolescent about fucking off, which ironically lead me to this site

is this what’s implied by the image of the hand choking the snake on the antifa flag?

Omg now all the clichés to follow on, 'spose from the leftists first, something like " Altright speak with forked tongue!"

even though I'm happily vaccinated, these kinds of mobilizations and articles would seem to provide a justification for having anarcho-capitalist or national-anarchist submissions for this website...

oooohhhhh noooo! The anti-vaxxers!

I agree with the good Dr.Benway and think this website has become the perfect place for anarcho-capitalist, national-anarchist, and anti-vaxx content. Official calls for submissions on 8kun and Gab forthcoming.

stop tooting your own horn, i bet this type of articles are posted precisely to piss off and trigger all you crypto-fascist lurkers

How are we to create anarchy if we can’t even have intimate discourse and polyamory with people we disagree with?

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