AGRO-CRUST X (9-12 June 2022)

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AGRO-CRUST X 9 – 12 June 2022
Festival-meeting d.i.y. anarchist anti-civilisation
(Catalonia, Girona, Garrotxa)

Aupa compas and friends!

We are happy to announce definitively the tenth edition of the
of the Agro-Crust in the dates from 9 to 12 June 2022!

Due to the disorganisation and demotivation of a large part of the
anarchist movement due to the plandemia, it has not been possible
to organize the event in the last two years (2020, 2021).

Since the last edition in July 2019 several things have happened
around our wooded area, which is currently in danger of forest fire,
including the kasa (Kan Seitan)!

And that not only because of the high temperatures and the drought
of this summer, but also because of the arsonists who are
professionally prepare fires in the forests…

The Agro-Crust X will be the definitive answer to put an end to
the mobbing and psycho-terror of that mafia of psychopaths who
not only carve up and destroy the forests with their machinery
but in the same act they prepare the complete destruction of the
ecosystem and threaten all living beings with death…

For this reason and especially because of our instinct and our decision
to be free individuals, Agro-Crust has never been and will never be just a
music festival but an anarchist anti-civilisation d.i.y. encounter that
includes all the possibilities of activities and actions that out of our
imagination, especially also in solidarity with our comrades in prison.

We have never asked for permission from an institution of this
rotten system to carry out our self-organised actions,
and this will not change as long as we continue to fight against
the cowardly repression of the judicial and police system, and the use
of blackmail, manipulations, aggressions, intimidations and
mistreatment etc. against our comrades, relatives and friends!

We are able to organise ourselves out of their control, out of their
social networks’ and other brainwashing and geo-location rubbish.
This scares them because they don’t understand certain things that
don’t fit into their stupid authoritarian logic.

We invite all the people to express themselves in various ways
and aware of the need to follow our paths towards total liberation
towards total liberation, and if you are willing to participate from now
on in the dis-organisation and preparations for the setting up of the
Agro-Crust for the summer of next year.

Here are the contacts for the coordination and your proposals:
(bands, gangs, collectives, herds, clans, individualities with a
rural wild anarchic spirit, workshops, debates, activities…)

Hugs, health & revolt!
Long live Anarkia for total liberation!
See you in the forest!

PS: We appreciate the diffusion of the call among comrades
and we invite to the informal anarchic conspiracy.
(As always we ask not to spread it through the ‘social networks’,
but better in print and through personal contacts).

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guess they're Euro ;)

also, isn't this violating this last sentence, publishing it on this site?

don't get me wrong, they're anti-vax and I think that's dumb

but they're coming to that position and that stupidity from an anarchist place, clearly

What exactly is good or worthwhile about that? Would you apply the same concept to anarcho-capitalism, national-anarchism, or other autonomous fascist currents?

Also you are wrong because they are not only anti-vax but are promoting the conspiratorial idea of a “planned pandemic”. Who do the organizers think planned it- Jewish bankers? The Illuminati? Or some other false adversary that the real ruling class is only too eager to have the masses confused about? They are the ones executing a Dystopian “Plan” by blaming convenient scapegoats for the crisis?

the word "plandemia" is an issue, insofar as it suggests a conspiracist worldview. I do not think all such worldviews are equally morally weighted, i.e. I reject the premise that "the Illuminati" or "the lizard people" are NECESSARILY (intended as) dogwhistles or stand-ins for (some group of) Jews. But I do tend to think that, with this sort of dreamlike view of how power is structured, you're at significant risk of drifting into a narrative that is plainly racist

I don't want to diagnose them with fascism (!) based on the usage of a suspect word, personally, because sometimes I just think it's not that deep, and this could be mere stupidity. But it's certainly a big red flag, and I didn't think about that earlier (and I was the one who wrote the "plandemia" title comment at 15:13 too)

Regarding "anarcho-capitalism, national-anarchism, or other autonomous fascist currents", I think these are not the same, because these are clearly examples of People With Bad Ideas misunderstanding anarchism and/or reducing it to a basic principle (e.g. no state!), and putting aside everything else that anarchism is as, y'know, a living tradition of whatever the fuck it is (which generally includes anti-capitalism and anti-fascism). Most of the people who rep these ideas do not come to these ideas from anarchism, but from elsewhere; and in any case, their political/ethical ideas are pretty inconsistent with anarchism

I sort of think the issue with conspiracy theories (in the abstract, i.e. not necessarily racist and/or the-conclusion-is-we-need-the-day-of-the-rope conspiracy theories) is that they are, typically, inconsistent with the truth of things (re: history, how magnets work, etc.)

It's not, inherently, that they are inconsistent with anarchism. If I believed Bill Gates was putting nanobots in my blood (I don't), I could reach a conclusion about what should be done about that that would be consistent with my anarchist beliefs, I am pretty sure

Looks like it'll be the only practicable way to cross the Atlantic without getting the countless iterations of the nano-vaxx... other than maybe clandestinely jumping on a cargo ship. Adventure, bros!

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