alas barricadas: CGT announces general strike for March 8

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We are warming up engines for the next fight day of March 8. This year has the peculiarity of falling on Sunday, a day that presents other peculiarities such as those that want to highlight both the feminist movement and trade unionism. We will update this post with the future calls that will arrive ---- Murcia ---- CGT Murcia has communicated today to the labor authority GENERAL STRIKE for the days 8 and 9 March 2020, in compliance with the agreement taken at the assembly of affiliates and affiliates held last Wednesday, February 19. ---- Specifically, this strike is called for the following REASONS: ---- Existence of a huge wage gap between men and women that, although it occurs throughout Spain, in Murcia is singularly high.
Impossibility of reconciling professional and family life, and there are no legislative measures that allow Murcia workers to achieve this objective without suffering reprisals or postponement of work because they are mothers or face the care of their children, without there being any legislative measures aimed at encouraging and facilitate such family duties with their spouses.
Existence of a higher unemployment rate among women, the result of the endemic discrimination they suffer, as well as a singular labor precariousness because they suffer the bulk of temporary contracts and part-time work.
High rates of workplace and sexual harassment, without adequate measures to address it.
Unique discrimination against migrant women, especially in the field, where they suffer from obscene labor exploitation.
Singular precariousness of domestic workers, who lack the necessary support measures to prevent their exploitation and guarantee decent pay and commensurate with the hours actually worked.
Total helplessness of women who perform family care tasks, because they receive no benefit or protection for such essential work.
Discrimination against employees of the Public Administrations with respect to their peers, both at the remuneration level and at the labor protection level.
Unprotection of women workers against sexist violence.
Inequality of women workers in the access of basic consumer goods with respect
to men.
Existence of an educational system that promotes patriarchal values and perpetuates discrimination
And the objectives we intend to achieve through it are the following:

The adoption of concrete and immediate measures in companies and autonomous public administrations that end the salary gap between men and women, and allow the achievement of decent employment, promotion and remuneration working conditions, as well as measures that end inequality in pensions, and effective control of compliance.
The establishment of social and economic labor policies of the autonomous government that make effective the real reconciliation of work and personal family life, as well as co-responsibility in care.
The withdrawal of capital policies, laws and actions that lead to discrimination in women's access to employment and the establishment and promotion of effective measures to reduce the rate of unemployment of women.
The eradication of labor sexual harassment, job precariousness, temporality and the high rate of contracts with partial hours.
The effective material equality of migrant and refugee women, as well as the closure of CIEs and the end of deportations.
The effective and real comparison of Household Employees to the general regime.
The consideration of care tasks as work entitled to remuneration
as well as the right to their independent contributory benefits.
Effective matching between employees and employees at the service of Public Administrations.
The demand of the autonomous government for concrete and effective measures against sexist violence.
The equality of women in access to basic consumer goods and sustainability.
For a non-sexist education. Development of coeducation in non-violent non-competitive values and in equality.
The strike will begin at 0:00 on March 8, 2020, ending at 23:59 on March 9 and extending throughout that time period uninterruptedly.

Secretariat of Feminisms SURM CGT


In coordination with the feminist movement, the 17,200 people of the third union in Catalonia have debated in the 54 territorial assemblies the advisability or not of calling a general strike on the day of the working woman of this 2020.

The elected delegates have agreed that, for the third consecutive year, the CGT will call a general strike in Catalonia to demand different demands against the double oppression that capitalism and patriarchy exerts on working-class women.

This year the calendar makes the 8M coincide on Sunday, but it is not a holiday for all people who work shifts, in the hospitality and commerce sectors, in call centers, in hospitals, in transport, many of these jobs strongly feminized and in generalized situations of job insecurity.

For all of them we call on the LABOR STRIKE. For all women to take a CARE strike, to attend with determination and firmness to the neighborhood pickets that will be convened. For all people to make CONSUMPTION strike against the capitalist system, do not buy, do not consume. For everyone, going outside to express our rejection of patriarchal violence against women, discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation, against racism and labor exploitation.

Because our liberation as women and class will be possible only by ourselves.


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