Alpacalypse Now

from It's Going Down

How a Trans Anarchist Homestead Defended Itself From Far-Right Attacks

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In rural Colorado, the Tenacious Unicorn Ranch is building a trans-anarchist homestead and autonomous infrastructure while experimenting in permaculture and raising alpacas. On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we discuss the project with three people from the ranch, talk about the release of the upcoming documentary film, Tenacious, and how people living on the ranch mobilized over the past year against threats from the far-Right.

Threatened By Neighbors, These Trans Farmers Are Refusing To Leave:

Throughout our discussion, we talk about how people found each other and began to create the project, what is means to create a homestead in the context of climate chaos, how a land project relates to social struggle, what organizing and interacting within a largely pro-Trump area looks like, how antifascist networks activated to defend the ranch in the face of far-Right attacks, and what it would mean to expand the project into the future.

Tenacious - Documentary Trailer:

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