American anarchist 'John Galton' shot dead in Acapulco

From The Washington Times by Amy Guthrie - Associated Press - Sunday, February 3, 2019

MEXICO CITY — An American anarchist who went by the name John Galton was shot dead at his home in the Mexican resort of Acapulco, sending shivers through a tightknit anti-establishment community of expatriates that organizes events in the violence-torn retreat with seminars on topics such as how to make money via cryptocurrencies.

A woman describing herself as John’s partner, Lily, said via social media that she saw the gunmen go straight for John and his friend Jason Henza, 43. Henza made it to a private hospital with bullet wounds in an armpit, leg and hand. The hospital said he checked out that same day. Mexican police found equipment to process drugs, glass pipes and marijuana plants at the home.

Lily and Henza both posted videos to Facebook immediately after the shooting. Lily screamed: “I really need help! Somebody please come.” In his post, a bearded Henza said in a blood-smattered T-Shirt: “We were attacked. I’ve been shot three times. I’m not doing so good.”

Prior to the shooting, John and Lily hosted weekly “Meat Ups” at a local restaurant where self-professed carnivores dined only on meat. They were also busy recruiting speakers for an anarchist conference set to take place in Acapulco later in February. The dreadlocked couple, both in their 20s, posted a video to Facebook two months ago calling for attendees at the conference.

“We want freedom of ideas,” John said from the patio of a house that the couple rented for $400 a month high above the bay of Acapulco. Waves lapped gently far below and roosters crowed as he spoke.

Lily did not respond to request for comment via social media on Saturday. Henza declined to comment. A U.S.


[ANEWS EDITOR: for the lulz, you can check out the "anarchist conference" mentioned here - ]

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Lily and Henza both posted videos to Facebook immediately after the shooting. Lily screamed: “I really need help! Somebody please come.”

Wow, strange that yelling into Facebook didn't save dude's life.

Maybe Facebook is narcissistic, its not so much about compassionately reaching out, but selfishly projecting out a stream of me me me.

We are excited for you to join us for our 5th year where our unparalleled line up of speakers will share with you ways to LIVE UNCHAINED through entrepreneurship, investments..."

Tickets are $545

Hoped to see a Guy Fawkes mask on the site; not disappointed.

So, the drug processing equipment was like a weed grinder? Scary stuff, those hard drugs.

Umm, no, the equipment was a simple garden mulcher which chews up marijuana plants, like the one at the end of the movie Fargo, where the psychopathic hitman is feeding his accomplice into one of them, which wasn't scary stuff, but hilarious in a dark sort of way.

Yes, a classic hilarious scene of instant karmic payback!

Some people like to blame Frank Lopez, but that guy went really crap after doing such greatness. I mean he fucking did Infowars and RT interviews at some point.

You know folks, it can be difficult to see each other, beyond the walls and trenches of inter-tendency hostility, bullshit, and exclusion that mar the contemporary anarchist landscape. But at least here, in this comment thread... well, we are all just together, momentary comrades, sharing a laugh. And for that I say thank you, John Gaulton.

Wasn't he a flaming libertarian, tho, just like the rest of his ancap gang?

I suppose there are anarchists in Las Vegas and Miami also, living the ultimate existentialist challenge, getting shot at and mixing in with gungho carnivores?

i read that he was offered a ride to a hospital, but he turned it down because he always tries to avoid using public roads and sidewalks and he was fresh out of dogecoins.

silly ancap/lolbertarian & sovereign citizen

Lol David Icke AND an anti-vaxxer are both on the conference. This really is just a hitpiece on anarchy

Dude we gotta unite against the Visitors, they been running the place since the '80s so we need also the whole Infowars crowd on our side if we wanna overthrown the reptilian Jews n shit.

I'm not hostile to the anti-vaccine stuff as vaccines are part of an authoritarian medicalization process. The science behind it is also structurally incorrect to the degree that there is no actual immune system and the adaptive process which vaccine ideologues think is a perennially flexible muscle is actually a much more marginal function that should not be used quantitatively. There are too many vaccine shots and they are likely causing reactions because of an overload of commensalized toxins in the body. The actual science of vaccines is alopathic commensalization not immunization(see Jamie Cunliffe and his theory of morphostasis). I'm not inherently against this but this process should be used much more sparingly then it is. I don't think they cause autism but they do probably represent the final cascade towards it if the pre-conditions are in place(fucked up in utero development, not so fresh eggs ect).

There's also no such thing as viruses anyway. The way to deal with viral disease is deal with the toxicological stress factors that drive it. Vaccines can play a part in this but not in the quantitative medicalization driven way it is now which can only be biopolitically authoritarian.

"No such thing as viruses", "no such thing as immune system", "Vaccines are part of an authoritarian medicalization process".

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!! Ziggy wins today's Tin Foil Award.

My summation is based on a LACK of acute evidence for any of these things and the fact that structural Pasteurianism eventually becomes ad hoc and quantified in its science. Viruses of the non phage type in plants and animals simply has not pure protein structure to back it up. The Morphostasis hypothesis and theories derivative of the likes of Jamie Cunliffe, Ray Peat and Hans Selye are better explainers of an anti-pathology system then the mainline immune hypothesis. Germs on the whole are commensalistic and not pathogenic. There is simply no evolutionary grounds for an 'immune' system. And state authoritarian medicalization IS a thing. You'd have to be a non-radical retard to not see this.

I've seen ziggles keep arguing about this literally for days, fair warning!

SirEinzige you remind me of Jordan Peterson sometimes with your word salad and nonsensical claims like there are no viruses because reasons.

The man believes in inferred science and psychological pro western spookery.

I reject viruses because there is no evidence that these things exist in plants and animals. From the very beginning going back to Mayer and Beijerinck their existence was inferred and made to felate germ theory(which failed its founding postulates via Koch). There is simply no pure cell protein based structure to back up any of these exogenous entities on the same level as Phages. I’ve actually done the autodidactic due diligence and critically real this stuff unlike you sperg that I am.

The Perth Group(on hiv) and Stefan Lanka(on viruses as a whole who won a court case on the question of the existence of the measles virus) are good critical points of reference.

In layman terminology so the average moron can even get their stagnated perceptions of health and medicine around the subject, the immunity system isn't mechanical but rather electro-magnetic and chemical, and viruses the cellular mutations which arise through environmental, including dietary, anamolies. Read some Reich and you will maybe begin to realize the complex nature of reality.

And by this I mean that the socalled immunity system is imaginary, a means of controlling the wellbeing of people with false hope similar to a placebo.

That's why authoritarians have banned opiods, people could just self-medicate by what Reich describes as recalibrating and balancing their electro-magneticism, which is what opiods do basically!
Some emotional sanity and balance would help also.,.

And do people REALLY think authoritarians care about the addicts or junkies dying, when alcohol, famine, and trade wars claim millions of innocents lives?

Forgot. the animals and forests becoming EXTINCT.

I have a friend who wills himself sick to get out of work. He develops all of the symptoms, the doctor checks him over, gives him a prescription and certificate, and he gets off work for 3 days and still gets paid his wages. Now THAT'S INSURGENCY!

Well good for him, I can just see the headlines, REVOLUTION 2 Billion workers willed themselves into getting bubonic plague and we are all free now!

I'm surprised Bob Black didn't know about this method of avoiding work.

True like how is immunity going to save someone from a lead slug travelling at 2,500ft/sec. Which reminds me, isn't this thread getting off the topic at hand?

so we've got vaccine truther ziggles and opiates are actually good for you anon in one corner and some anon who probably isn't an idiot mocking them in the other. what the fuck does this have to do with some libertarians being shot in Mexico?

Nothing but we were done tastelessly mocking a brutally murdered man like, 2 days ago, where you been?!

Just not John’s kind. It all amounts to lifeless transactional relations, mind you I don’t think ancaps are the worst of the ideologues and would prefer them to hold some territory as opposed to an established leviathan state of affairs. Ditto for organizational ancoms.

John and Lily seem like nice people and at the level of crude sensibilities they are the less reprehensible a cap compared to the white western ideology types. I just wish they would make the connection between ancapism and white western ideology. Anarchists forget that there used to a symbiotic relationship with ancaps in the 80s and 90s back when networks were much smaller before Indy media. It might be useful to strike up some type of discursive relationship with them again.

Ancaps really are degenerated Tuckerites who moved into the discursive niche that he established in the pre-ww1 world. Ancapism is what happens during the inner wars and post-ww2 world when proles and humanity as a whole get more access to property and capital. Given that there’s been a slow but steady contraction of this it would good to try and push more ancaps back the Proudhonian fold. To that end I’d like to see C4SS type tendencies grow and ancap tendencies decline.

Let's be honest, "Clueless _____ kids hit by a semi-truck called reality" describes the large majority of anyone calling themselves an anarchist.

Obviously it's fun to joke around (and this article's comments have been pretty funny) but it's clear that ancaps, at least the more anti-prohibitionist sorts, seem to be motivated by many of the same impulses that "real" anarchists often are. It's not as if identifying as an anarchist inoculates one from falling in line behind some ideology or another; it's often quite the opposite.

Nope, quite right! But perhaps if these kids had a few more crumbs of street smarts, rather than dwelling almost exclusively in a curated electric fantasyland, interspersed with hippy parties … ah shit, you're right, I just did it again. Statement applies to most anarchists in north america … crap!

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