Anarchist Union of Iran and Afghanistan Calls for Arms for Those Rising up in Iran

Anarchist Union of Iran and Afghanistan Calls for Arms for Those Rising up in Iran

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Anarchist Union of Iran and Afghanistan: we are ready to cooperate with all armed opposition

The Anarchist Union of Iran and Afghanistan believes that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s regime will not hesitate to massacre millions of Iranians, like it has done in Syria and Iraq as well as in Iran these these last few days. Therefore, the Anarchist Union of Iran and Afghanistan is prepared to declare that it will cooperate with all Kurdish, Arab and Baloch armed opposition forces. With respect to the widespread repression of defenseless people in Iran, we must be able to provide them with the right tools to defend themselves, before there are more dead and the people’s movement has been permanently suppressed. Therefore the need to form an armed revolutionary front to support and defend the people against the Islamic regime’s executioners is urgent and necessary. If it is possible to transport weapons to people inside Iran, you should not hesitate for a moment to prevent more people from being bled and buried. The duty of the revolutionary and radical opposition outside of Iran is to provide logistical and strategic support to the struggles and resistance of the people inside Iran

Anarchist Union of Iran and Afghanistan

What is happening in Iran now

Situation in Iran is really critical

The people want revolution and in the Islamic Republic a war has begun

We have a war on our streets

They shoot the people from helicopters and bring tanks to some cities

They use Ambulances for moving their killing forces in universities and snipers shoot the people from roofs of the high buildings

In last week between 300 and 500 people got killed on the streets

The protests are in more than 130 cities from the North to South and East to West

The protesters are workers, students, homeless and other poor people in Iran. It’s a class war

Five police officers have been killed but with empty hands it’s difficult to fight the army

Our people need weapons to defend themselves

It’s a war between people with empty hands and an army

This regime is finished, if people can defends themselves this time we have a revolution and if they cannot we’re sure next time is the last time because people want to have weapons against regime

So we’re saying this time or next time and we guess that the next time will happen in less than 2 years

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