Anarcho-Surrealism on Immediatism Podcast

Immediatism is pleased to feature a new book and another forthcoming. Dreams of Anarchy and the Anarchy of Dreams: Adventures at the Crossroads of Anarchy & Surrealism, by Ron Sakolsky, published by Autonomedia and distributed by Little Black Cart, is available now. The first episode (569), below, is a reading of the Preface of this new title. The other episodes (570-577) are selections from the forthcoming anarcho-surrealist collection Merlin With a Machine Gun, edited by Steven Cline.

Tower of Light (570) utilizes anarcho-surrealist imagery of a lighthouse in discussion of the relationship between the two traditions. The Cabbage is a Rose (571) is an alchemical piece. A River's Revenge (572) is anti-work. Poetry of Worthlessness (573) celebrates interstices, especially in the urban setting. Passage of the Golden Hand (574) discusses so-called "freedoms," identity, and multiplicity. For an Ecology of the Marvelous (575) is about discarding "the miserabilist straightjacket of anthropomorphism" and being the "barbarians at the gates." Profane Revelation (576) describes the surrealist way of knowing, which is open and somewhat mystical, achievable by all of us. Finally, The Unexpected Object (577) is an illegalist game to be played.

Ron Sakolsky: Dreams of Anarchy and the Anarchy of Dreams (Out now!)
Andre Breton: Tower of Light (Merlin With a Machine Gun)
Leonora Carrington: The Cabbage is a Rose (Merlin With a Machine Gun)
Chicago Surrealists: A River's Revenge (Merlin With a Machine Gun)
Mattias Forshage: Poetry of Worthlessness (Merlin With a Machine Gun)
Guy Girard: Passage of the Golden Hand (Merlin With a Machine Gun)
North American Surrealists: For an Ecology of the Marvelous (Merlin With a Machine Gun)
Leeds Surrealists: Profane Revelation (Merlin With a Machine Gun)
Madrid Surrealists: The Unexpected Object, a Game (Merlin With a Machine Gun)

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