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Valentine's Day...and self-love(?) Weave: the Social Fabric Project. Pig shootings, mass shooting of the week. Mega-polluted city of the week: Bangkok. Eco-disaster tid-bits. Online instructional videos do not impart skills. Depression impacts, resistance. Email, iPhones misery. Online and failing, anxious. Nihilism not ideological? Wyld North (UK). Actions shorts from here and there.

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Warning all nihilists :---
The opening song was a cunning funky hipster anti-nihilist introduction to the show.

Its a shame that John cannot comprehend the distinction between living in the "nihil" state of consciousness rather than by "nihilism's" ideologically guided ethos. The same nuance applies to the distinction between living as an "anarch" in anarchy, rather than believing in its ideological cousin "anarchism".
A fluency in spontaneoua thought and action and in tapping into the wild primal essential emotions of human feelings is required.

what kind of spontaneous things have you done lately and how did it feel?

I did nothing, I was just myself without any preconceived or premeditated agenda, in the moment mentally. One does not have to actually do a physical act, spontaneity is a state of mind, actions which arise whilst one is in this state are spur of the moment.
One has to drop the materialistic relationships one becomes accustomed to. Its very "nihil-esque".

So nihil-esque is just talking about things, not doing anything, and not following an ideology, like what JZ is very good at, unless primitivism is described as an ideological code of ethics and values, which makes him a political ideologue and opposed to nihilism as a rival belief system?

One does not have to actually do a physical act

Yes go silently, take this shit without complaint, and whatever you do, don't sacrifice anything trying to fight back.

i think that’s cool as well. i was only asking because i wish to live a more active and less sedentary daily life. get some more action going, break the routine. thought maybe i could get pointers.

that's a real big part of the way i think, exercise is probably the best way to repair your brain and get some more powerful dopamine hits. It's like a drug-less drug. It's often hard to find ways to do it with other people now adays, even there are hiking groups. Swimming is the best exercise drug i've found so far, it exercises every part of your body, it feels real nice if you don't have too competitive of a psychology about it.

Keep trying, I enjoy flights of mental acrobatics and gymnastic humor whilst enjoying the banality of urban existence. The external wilderness was too hard and has been replaced by an internal aesthetic.

Critic of critic just mentioned exercise, yes yes yes, really important, Even pacing up and down about 500 times = 10 kms.

is something i learned from primitivism overall, i wasn't referring to some ultra-regimented series of movements, exercise is best done on the streets or an actual forest. It can also take the form of industrial sabotage or the beat down of a fascist. I feel like so many of the problems that face modern civilization are due to the over-intellectualization of life and the tech-jerk-off-ish-ness of activity and fun.

but if you don't need it, and you're too mad at recommendations that can be spouted by an "average", "stereotypical" person, then i guess i'm just farting in your ear. I AM YOUR FASCIST GOD, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

"I did nothing, I was just myself without any preconceived or premeditated agenda, in the moment mentally"

And this week's Nihilo Awards goes to.... the derelict guy who was just sitting over there in the shopping mall! *canned applauds. LeWank suddenly feels heroic.*

"Yourself" is another illusion. "Yourself" is the result of many years of conditioning by your parents, siblings, teachers,friends, etc.

Does JZ do sport or stuff, like, hes privitivist and hiking I suppose he does, he never talks about it, like maybe he's full on interllectual, and there brains burn up all the fat maybe, hes skinny for old guy
Definitely not golf, thats industrial capirtalist sport.
Hes popular guy

jz always worked out at the gym, rarely ever did "real-life" activity/sports. at least that was the case for the years i knew him.

Isometrics make you look snazzy, that's about it. He really doesn't thru-hike or anything? Dang

Yeah, should be doing squats and deadlifts to 160 kg, then he can pick up the average industrial CEO and throw them out of a window.

Physical activity is overrated, and anyway, if carbon footprinting is the measure of ones impact on the ecosystem, Stirner left a tiny impression compared to JZ's massive excavation.

"Physical activity is over-rated" says the keyboard warrior.

That's only if the pen commands thousands of swords. Yours doesn't.

No it doesn't.

John really should do some homework on his own and stop expecting others to just hand him answers.
To that end I suggest John start by listening to the zero books podcast #185 on nihilism. The nihilists talked about in this podcast are not anarcho-nihilists as far as I can tell, but that is not the main thing here. The discussion the host has with Martin Frederiksen is the meat of the podcast. The host is not a nihilist and his effort to wrap his head around what nihilism is might help you, John.

On another note, what is the point of reading article after article about the ills of this world? Is it supposed to make people act? Be a call to action?

Surely you have more faith in your listenership that they already know how horrible it is?

Doug Lain is the host and a Zizek sycophant He interviewed JZ years ago on his previous show, Diet Soap, and when he got frustrated by JZ not engaging in his pomo BS he had to add an explanation to the end of the podcast about how JZ is wrong in case the listener didn't agree with Doug's point of view after hearing JZ speak for himself. Douchebag move. Doug is a douche, parrots Zizek and proves both points in the podcast you mentioned here.

JZs show is mostly current events which demonstrate the trajectory of civilization. You would prefer theoretical babble about nothingness?

"John really should do some homework on his own and stop expecting others to just hand him answers."

You expect JZ to try and figure out the bizarro funhouse mirror world of nihilism, when nihilists themselves can't even articulate what they are talking about? Lol...

It's really not hard at all, such that I can summarize it in one phrase - a disbelief in or skepticism toward objective and universal meaning, value, and purpose to human life and existence in general as well as toward objective, totalizing epistemology. You can get this from 30 seconds of internet searching, ffs.

That's a pretty general banal definition which many people would agree with, including many philosophers and physicists.

But how does that pertain to any political discussion? i.e. what does it have to do with anarchy, or how to change anything about society?

the point is that plenty of people have explained nihilism to jz, and he rejects/ignores/refuses all such explanation, not when it's happening, when maybe someone could continue to walk him through it, but later, when jz is free to claim that everyone but he is inadequate. bellamy is only one of those explainers, for example.

JZ hasn't "refused all such explanation", it's just that the explanations by self-proclaimed nihilists are all incoherent. So, JZ, like the rest of us, don't understand the so-called explanations.

is a bad person, everybody knows this. He also thinks egoism and egotism are the same thing. What a tool.

I did not know though, that he had JZ on diet soap, I never listened to diet soap. So, the chances of John listening to this are slim, oh well. Still, regardless of how horrible Doug is this podcast did expand on a particular type of nihilism/ nihilist and thus could be the start of a deeper dialogue on the issue.

And why are our only options an "Anarchy Radio" about current events (how is that anarchy again?) or theoretical babble about nothingness?
I happen to think questions of meaning and meaninglessness are fruitful topics of inquiry. Perhaps even the heart of our current malaise.

I can get onboard with the idea that meaning and meaningless need to be discussed. Nihilism is something (as opposed to nothing) that people interested in these topics need to address. The problem I have with nihilism and nihilists is their desire to stop at nihilism and stay there. That seems to be JZ's issue with it as well. They've given up on pushing beyond nihilism and are content with a nihilistic approach to life which seems simultaneously defeatist and formulaic... like an angst-ridden teenager.

pushing beyond nihilism - well, here I go, pushing beyond, pushing into -whoa, what have we here? It's AnarchoPrimitivo Town, and boy, does everybody look happy! They are doing such great things, such wonderful and awe-inspiring actions and paint projects, and gee whiz, they are shaking the world down to its foundations, and gosh they are all promising that all the fossil fuel use and economic inequality can be rolled back and covered over, and we'll all be so happy and action-oriented once again - but only if we read their books and follow their lectures like good little devotees.
Back on terra firma, nihilism rejects this and other tendentious lines of change-the-entire-world-by-levitation bullshit - so c'mon everybody, join the new dance craze.
ANews- it's N-News now, boyee.

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