Anews Podcast 104, 2.22.2019

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Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on

Editorial: on danger, by chisel
TOTW: crisis, with Aragorn! and Ariel
Redacted with SUDS, et al

This podcast is the effort of many people.

  • sound editing was by Linn O’Mable
  • what’s new was written by Jackie and narrated by Chisel and Dim
  • Music!
    1) Quincy Jones & His Orchestra – Shoot to Kill
    2) James Blake – I Need A Forest Fire
    3) Huerco S. – Marked For Life
    4) Weasel Walter & Martin Escalante – Macerate

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Chisel, you have some thought-provoking nuances going on which I much prefer to listen to than your snarky stuff. More of these critical thoughts please...maybe an essay or two from you?

what a great surprise to my eardrums to find a wonderfully mic'd segment between a! and a

Best Redacted yet :) jk. great move, I'll be tuning in. All the best

we rode the “dangerous space policy” meme to the ground, but it was a good ride! no regrets

That "Dangerous Space Policy" is a fucking joke. People are just going to show up and start fighting each other. There won't be much of a green anarchist book fair lol

What planet do you live on? In the US, anarchists fighting each other physically is relatively rare. You think some policy in an announcement is gonna make people show up and turn it into a wrestling ring?

Like, who is going to stop people from doing that? It's bad enough that this policy was created by people who are ok with violence in the first place. IDK. Not the kind of anarchism I had in mind.

"who is going to stop people from beating each other up?"
do you also think that cops are the only things keeping people from killing each other?

don’t worry about that, if any problem does occur, they’ll sort it out by humping and grinding like bonobos

The comment about a wrestling ring at the GSAB should be taken seriously, it would be a great part of the Saturday night festivities. It would be relatively easy to set up, probably have a lot of interested participants across all genders, be fun to spectate, and be a great rejoinder to the critics, go for it!
Just don't forget to have the proper health and aftercare in place so that it is a positive experience for all...
That's in violation of the dangerous space policy??
No.i.I... was just suggesting...that...
*Is expelled by the forces of danger*

There was a rumor one time of having an anarchist fight club to be co-sponsored and hosted by the East Bay Rats MC, but sadly it never materialized. Years prior there was a soccer mini-tournament (three games) between commies and anarchs; Kronstadt FC beat Left Wing (2 wins and one draw), with Left Wing, in typical Marxist chicanery, changing the rules and insisting on different referees for each game.

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