Arson in solidarity w/ anarchists in hunger strike

"Subversive and anarchist prisoners in hunger strike since March 22...40 days"

from Contra Info

Car on fire in solidarity with the hunger strike in the Chilean prisons

via: Attaque

Contra Info / Saturday 24 April 2021

“Coercive measures cannot but sow the seeds of hatred and vengeance. It is a deadly circle. Moreover, since you have been slicing off heads and populating the prisons and penal colonies have you prevented hatred from showing itself?» Alexandre Marius Jacob*

In the night of Sunday April 18, while out walking in the street under the curfew restrictions, we set fire to a bin and a high-end car, a Volkswagen Polo 1.6. The theatre of this liberation by flames is 4000 Yerbal Street, in the Flores district.

We left a few fliers on site saying: “Long live the subversive/insurrectional struggle. Our solidarity is attack. Freedom for the subversive, anarchist and mapuche prisoners. Shit to the decree-law 321 in Chile! Freedom to Marcelo Villaroel .”

On 28th day of hunger strike !

PS : a particular greeting and hug to the comrade Juan Sorroche, for his gesture. They won’t stop us.
* Note by Attaque : A. M. Jacob, « Pourquoi j’ai cambriolé », déclaration au procès d’Amiens, published in Germinal, n°11, 19 March 1905.
** Note by Act for freedom now – see
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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