Black Seed #8 Out Now!

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The Black Seed that was almost finished before the death of the main editor and the onslaught of covid19, this issue, perhaps the last, of this journal, now covers even more territory in its 36 pages. Two obituaries for Aragorn!, two report backs on the Indigenous Anarchist Conference in 2019, part 2 of a conversation with the Anpoa Duta collective, a scathing anonymous piece called Rethinking the Apocalypse, on covid19 and so much more, Aragorn!'s essay, Locating an Indigenous Anarchism, which was originally planned to go in because it was the basis of his talk at the IAC, and is now included for that and other reasons, Your Loneliness is a Public Health Problem, and a special guest appearance from Skoden, who brings us Stand-up to be Performed at the Next Disaster (a pre-covid19 piece, believe it or not). Also substantive pieces on continuing colonization in the face of Dineh suffering from C-19, a timely one on voting, and two mixed artists talking to each other about what that can mean. Dense and rich.

Featuring unusually strong images, mostly from Klee.

We're charging just for shipping for a single copy. There is also the option of getting 10 at a time. If you'd like a lot more than 10, email us at info at little black cart dot com, with your postal address and how many you'd like.

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Glad there's at least one more of these coming out, hope there's more!


Speaking of issues coming out, what is the status of AJODA?

The last I heard, the editorial collective had reformed in Oakland and with Jason McQuinn back as editor.


but only a little. jason's always overstretched, and his passion project is modern slavery magazine. ajoda's other creators don't put much money into it (or didn't last i knew), and it's only going to be worse now that money is tighter for folks, presumably.

tl/dr: don't hold your breath.

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