Butcher shop splattered with paint, messages left on walls

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30th December, Touluse France.

received anonymously via email:

“During the night of December 30-31, a butcher shop (La Bête à Cornes) in Toulouse was targeted for the second time in less than a month. Red paint was splattered on the storefront, and messages painted on the walls.”

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My original comment was taken down. Fine, but it offered in-depth analysis and serious questions. Obviously I hit a nerve. I can and will continue to orient anarchists toward recognizing relational dynamics, because the common living space is the primary organizing influence, and not human brains with their isms. Plus, it makes no sense for us to be the only species that rents itself to live. Why not make food free?

This comment can get taken down too. It'll never negate that veganism comes from a crazy lazy the seventh day adventists called a prophet. Full stop.

As far as foie gras being torture: that's debatable. Not all operations use force feeding. How it works is through mimicking the animal's natural uptake in food in preparation for migration.

If this is torture across tbe board, don't ever look up what happens in the wild.

I think the mods might be asking you to make your comment specific to the post rather than just using it as a platform to talk about why veganism is stupid. Maybe try the forums instead?

Corporate fast food outlets are mimicking the human's natural excessive gorging and uptake of fatty protein .

start a blog, 18:39. spread your wisdom to the world!

also fuck off forever.
long live the ALF!

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