Call for assistance from anarchists in Afghanistan

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via The Federation of Anarchism Era

Afghan anarchists need to leave Afghanistan urgently!

The Taliban are now on the verge of establishing their own government in Afghanistan. The powerful countries of the world did not prevent or hinder this Taliban project. Unfortunately, the people of Afghanistan have once again fallen into the hands of the Taliban, and any imaginable atrocities can occur.

Eyewitnesses in various cities in Afghanistan that have fallen to the Taliban have said that the Taliban are trying to identify critics and oppositions to their political and religious beliefs. They either assassinate writers, poets, journalists, and other social activists or take them to unknown locations.

Taliban’s rise to power in Afghanistan, with religious reactionary ideas and their history of bloodshed, and the imposition of another theocratic government on the people of the region is counter to the people’s struggles for freedom in Afghanistan.

People took up arms to defend themselves against the Taliban and prevent a nightmare like a fundamentalist Islamic state. Still, each time they faced defeat and betrayal of the Afghan government. Their struggle was constantly suppressed and appropriated by governments and short-sighted political parties. Until the latest news, the Taliban have entered Kabul and want to take over Afghanistan.

In the first place, such a government would deal with intellectuals and the younger generation who don’t share the Taliban’s reactionary views. We fear that our comrades and other Afghan freedom fighters will be slaughtered in front of our eyes, as happened at the beginning of the Islamic regime in Iran. The world watched with open eyes the killing of the oppositions of the Islamic Republic.

The Taliban have claimed that Iran and Russia have agreed to an Islamic state in Afghanistan. Iran hosted high-ranking Taliban delegations on July 7, and the Taliban captured several border crossings between Iran and Afghanistan on July 9 without any clashes with Iranian forces. Despite the current crisis, the host countries of the Afghan refugees have not even stopped the deportation process. Germany alone returned 27 Afghan refugees to Afghanistan on Wednesday (July 7th). World governments seem determined to let the Afghan people suffer under Taliban rule or be slaves to their own imperialist and capitalist goals. So there is no doubt that when the Taliban come to power, they will arrest and execute many activists in the society.

Anarchism in Afghanistan is young, and our forces are small. Yet, we are pursuing different avenues to resist the Taliban’s advance because there is a small revolutionary capacity for a free, autonomous, and democratic society in Afghanistan that must be defended. Unfortunately, global and inhumane plans were predetermined so precisely to block any effective activity.

Some of our Anarchist comrades in Afghanistan even prepared for illegal immigration, but they still hit roadblocks and could not escape the crisis. Now that everything is over and the Taliban are exactly on the verge of taking power, the danger to the lives of the anarchists has reached its peak.

Now, our and their latest efforts must coordinate a path for them to leave. This is possible either through financial cooperation so that they can enter neighboring countries either legally or by smuggling them across borders, or through our formal or informal international relations to get them asylum in safe countries, if possible.

Anarchist comrades outside Afghanistan can also send immigration invitations to our comrades, provided the embassies in question continue to operate before the Taliban can fully establish their government and establish their own security and intelligence agencies.

Another point is that as a result of more than 40 years of war in Afghanistan, and especially the recent Taliban war, many people need financial help because they have either been internally displaced or have lost their jobs due to the war and turmoil situation; Financial help in this regard would be necessary and effective.

Find the Paypal link on the bottom of the linked article
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Are those 27 anarchists and the owners of the The Federation of Anarchism Era website aware that their fellow Afghans are pretty conservative people? There was coup #1 toppling the monarchy in 1973 by the Marxist-Leninist friendly People Democratic Party (PDP) of Afghanistan and Mohammad Dauod Khan. In 1978 coup #2 was carried out by the PDP because Khan didn't implement any reforms. The PDP then tried to implement reforms outside of the city of Kabul. The PDP didn't know their audience, which was the rest of the people that didn't live in Kabul, and decided it was a good idea to try to eliminate people that disagreed with the PDP. To the surprise of the PDP, the people living in rural areas and non-Kabul city dwellers resisted, so the PDP called in the Soviets for back up. That obviously failed and the PDP was toppled by the non-city dwellers in 1990-91. The different groups that resisted the city slickers in Afghanistan were Islamists and agreed to form an Islamic state. A civil war broke out between the different Islamic groups, but by 1998 the Taliban came out on top controlling about 85% of the country. The 15% was controlled by a slightly liberal Islamist backed by the West. The slightly liberal Islamist was killed in 2001. A month or so after that, the US invaded Afghanistan looking for Bin-Laden/Al-Qaeda and was unrelated to the Taliban coming out on top of the civil war. The US doesn't find Bin-Laden and temporarily kept the Taliban at bay, but like the PDP before them, they didn't know their audience. Turns out Afghans don't want some liberal or Leninist government forced upon them. Once the US decided to leave Afghanistan, the Islamists took back power. Similar to how the Islamists took power after the Soviets ceased their support for the PDP and left Afghanistan.

The people that run that website wanted the US to leave Afghanistan, but it seems like they were just posturing and weren't expecting the US would actually leave. According to that website, practically anything and everything it dislikes is imperialism. It's strange.

There's loads upon loads of Afghan people who're very liberal-minded and more educated than the Islamist brutes, but they're always just preferring to leave the country instead of standing up to the Islamist mafias. You'll find these Afghans in or around refugee camps in Greece, then later (for those who managed to get NGO support) in Canada or the UK. The stories I heard from these expats is that both Taliban and NATO were behind the bombings of rural areas. The aggressors are both domestic and foreign, so yeah, I agree that this same-old anti-imperialist narrative doesn't stick too well.

The country may collapse into a violent theocratic dictatorship... who knows, but it's gross to be claiming that Islamists are so popular over there. They're just popular with their crowd.

Oh come on, clearly they are popular enough to bulldoze through the entire country in a month without causing a mass migratory wave toward the borders. I'm sure in Kabul there's at least a sizable percentage of non support but other than that?

They represent the ethnic majority and are probably supported directly by 40% of the country. What do you think the percentage of "liberal minded" people are there? Before you answer that, let me remind you at that 75% of the country still live in villages.

You made a false equivalence. For example the core support of the Makhnovshchina in Ukraine came from the peasants and villagers of the region. It was an attempt at an anarchist state with intensive popular support from villagers

I don't claim to know a lot about the geopolitics of Afghanistan but I'm not sure that it's as simple as "the Taliban took over the country, they must be popular". I think equipment, morale, (dis)organization and other factors must surely play a part. There is also precedence for Taliban power and clearly a lot of fear, war fatigue and trauma

Regardless of whether the Taliban are popular or not amongst some populations, my main criticism is that you're writing off the previous commenter's point unfairly. There *are* Afghani people opposed to the views of the Taliban, possibly a lot of them, inside and especially outside of the country. If you accept this then your point that Taliban rule is inevitable (?) falls apart

Following this, I'm unsure about how best to overthrow them but I believe that anarchist revolution in our home countries will surely help.. anarchism has a tendency to spread which is why the state is always so eager to crush it. Perhaps history will take some very unexpected turns and it will spread from Afghanistan. The plea in the article is to pay money to help anarchists escaping Taliban oppression. In response to that I don't know this website and I'm uneasy about trusting it, sorry

nice how none of you authorities on the shitty situation in Afghanistan and the irrelevance of an anti-authoritarian alternative missed the main emergent issue from our Afghan comrades: they need some money to sustain themselves as they go into hiding and/or try to get the hell out of there. criticize their analysis and website all you want after they're out of harm's way. or would you rather have discourse with corpses and ghosts? fucking first world pricks

any place other than where they themselves live. canadians, us-ians, etc, we could all be taken over by state forces that target us and our loved ones, right? isn't this the point of an anarchist perspective? some may be more obviously close to such a scenario, but come on.

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thanks for the heads up, I'd suggest just scrolling to the bottom of the linked article and clicking the paypal link there as it seems to work there

Free Tibet Syndrome

this comment keeps getting deleted, why?

it is an honest statement. people pretend to hate America so much they ignore what is happening on their own soil because it is easier to tweet about other countries then fight for the people in your own

"internationalism and "imperialism" are the same thing,

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