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In this episode of The Solecast I sit down with Kevin Tucker of Black and Green Publishing / Wild Resistance Journal. We have a wide ranging conversation about empires, collapse and coronavirus. Kevin’s political analysis is rooted around primal anarchy; and sees anarchy as the natural state of humans, and civilization as the cage we desperately need to get free from. Kevin talks about his historical perspectives on why civilizations fail and why things like coronavirus, lyme disease and other animal borne illnesses are on the rise. Very informative conversation that covers a lot of ground.

Pick up Kevin’s new book “The Cull of Personality” and check out his podcast, Primal Anarchy.

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KT recently remarried. His ex-wife Yank had some interesting things to say before their divorce.

From Yank's former GoFundMe page:

"Kevin Tucker and I, Yank, are married (soon divorced) and were together for 20 years. We have two beautiful daughters together. I am a private person and Kevin knows this and takes advantage of this fact, but I feel it is time to come out and speak, especially since placed in a difficult situation.

Over the past few years things between Kevin and I have increasingly become strained. I did notice that I was growing distant from him as I was starting to see certain aspects of his personality that I did not care for. He is impatient with our children and him and our daughter, Mica, have moments where their relationship is strained as well––not to say that they don’t love each other, they absolutely do, but his patience is thin. A lot of it is due to his addiction to technology, he constantly has a screen in his face. I tried addressing these issues with him along with other issues but he failed to communicate with me about it, instead he ignored it, said he didn't want to talk about it, and/or got defensive. When I found out that he was cheating, that’s when I ended things. We did remain friends and co-parented while still living together. Of course there were ups and downs during this time but we made it work well enough. At the beginning of this year, 2019, Kevin asked if I would give him another chance, so I agreed but said we needed to work on communication and that we would keep our relationship quiet while we went through a year long trial period. Eventually his behavior began to grow suspicious and I broke it off after 6-7 months. His suspicious behavior turned out to be him cheating on me again.

Which leads us to now. As an anarchist, even though I don’t give myself a title, I don’t believe in the system and want nothing to do with it. I have tried to compromise with Kevin about how to proceed with custody but he isn’t willing to work with me. Kevin is controlling and it is either his way or no way. I've even agreed to move to Pennsylvania where he wants to move, but I do not. Kevin comes from a very wealthy family and they will provide him with a lawyer. I, on the other hand, come from poverty and I’m in limbo with a move, and so don’t have the funds to get a good lawyer without going in debt.

I need a lawyer and that’s the reason for me putting myself out here like this and displaying my private life. I desperately need help, I need to raise $5,000. I will use what is needed for a lawyer to get me through this and if any money is leftover, I will donate it to Survival International.

This isn’t easy for me to do and is greatly upsetting. If it were up to me, I would work this out another way and would leave the system out of it. Unfortunately it is not up to me. There are those who walk their talk, and then there are others who just talk. Sadly Kevin is the latter.

Please, if you can donate, it would be more than appreciated. I just want a fresh start and a peaceful space for me and my daughters. Much love to those who have listened and to those who donated.

And I know there are people out there reading this who know and consider both of us friends, I’m not asking for anyone to take sides, I’m just asking for financial help and catching everyone up on what is happening between us since most people are in the dark. And please, if you have any advice, feel free to contact me."

Forever grateful,

Our primitive ancestors often ignored their offspring to check twitter

kt seems like a megalomaniacal hypocrit, but yank came off pretty pathetic when she posted the above, then followed it up with a "sorry, we're working it out" message (and returned folks' money, to her credit), then followed that with another "oops, jk, i really do need your help to get away from kt".

not saying any of this is easy, but yank came off super weak there.

why a primal anarchist would look to have the state codify his intimate relations at all is beyond me, let alone doing it more than once.

someone you've been in relationship with for years and the father of your children?
i have criticisms of having children with someone like KT, but then if people followed my child-having guidelines there'd be no kids and that would be sad too.
just wondering what you think she should've done instead.

"but then if people followed my child-having guidelines there'd be no kids and that would be sad too."

Lemme guess... more trolling by the "no such thing as genuine internet convo" asshat?

Newsflash: I am not an idiot (just many others visiting this site), like you're so convinced I am.

But in the slight chance you might be serious with that statement, then no, there's nothing sad with not having kids. It's just... a couple living a relationship, then eventually (or never) breaking up, like millions do.

Shall I remind your that humans are a least concern for extinction, even with the Covid-19 that still is a joke compared to the Black Death, which humanity has survived, anyways, in the most miserable conditions.

i support having no kids, regardless of covid or no covid. if EVERYONE followed that advice, there'd be no kids.
kids do bring joy (to some, anyway).
perhaps you would like to calm down with some tea?

Getting high on caffeine straight to my veins since this morning, can't stop won't stop Western Cokehead Madness! *goes shouting incoherent shit to randos outside*

This probably explains why Kevin hasn’t had to rewild because he comes from a long line of affluent hunters and gatherers. Thank you for this contribution to dunking on Kevin.

This is the only thing that can make sense out of such a poor soul.

Lol at channel zero network propping up their safe anti civ boy. Hitting all his talking points. Kevin is so domesticated.

I would like more depth in his analysis of paleolithic culture, and some ideas about what caused the transformation to meateating, hunting, domestic animal breeding and 3 meals a day and mortgages. They were just as smart as us, and dumb enough to believe in spooks. When did the first chief and shaman make a deal. Let's be honest about these things.

Only made it to the 20 minute mark.
Interesting that kevin could rattle off the definition of narcissist so easily, just sayin'.

Why did my comment about KT being a soy boy beta get deleted. I’m speaking the truth.

- Talks of "sweet young asses" as if these are perfectly acceptable desires to have.

- Goes on throwing accusations of pedophilia at some guy.


Or maybe the part I didn't get is that desiring sweet young asses is fine as long as it's boy-loving, but young girls' pretty asses is.... bad. So, gay double standards, coz you know "homophobic oppression everywhere!"

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