Enemies of Society, Drawing First Blood

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This essay, Drawing First Blood, by Meme, Myself, & I, is the preamble to Enemies of Society: an Anthology of Individualist & Egoist Thought. It is both a broad overview of individualist and egoist thought as well as a deep look at the criticism of these and responses to those criticisms. A great one to share with a curious or challenging friend, this essay takes a particularly close look at the social anarchisms and their differences to individualism and conscious egoism. Stirner is contextualized historically.

Interestingly, the editor(s) of the anthology received a lot of untranslated non-English writings too late to get them into this anthology and have included a lengthy partial list of those authors and their writings, if you are looking for individualist or egoist writings in other languages.

Published by Ardent Press and available from littleblackcart.com

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