Explosive attentat against BancoEstado claimed


from Contra Info, English translation by Anarchist News

On the night of May 3, 2021, after our comrades have endured more than 42 days on hunger strike: Mónica Caballero, Francisco Solar, Joaquín García, Pablo Bahamondez, Juan Flores, and Marcelo Villarroel.

A few minutes before the curfew begins, we head to the neighborhoods where there's no banging of pots and pans to demand crumbs from this murderous government. Neighborhoods that are inhabited by those who, despite the context of the pandemic, have increased their wealth disproportionately, while in other corners of the territory dominated by the state of Chile, hunger and misery are the daily scenario of many.

We attack this symbol of money and capital, a bank branch located in Apoquindo, corner of Manquehue, Las Condes commune. As a gesture of solidarity with the comrades on hunger strike since March 22, for the repeal of the amendments to DL 321. Those who use their bodies as the only trench, in a gesture that defies the prison structure and its judicial apparatus.

We make an urgent call to show solidarity with our comrades behind bars, that not a single prisoner is this alone, that solidarity is not just a written word. With ingenuity we can circumvent their control mechanisms and prolong the offensive. May our dreams be their worst nightmares, may the neighborhoods of the rich tremble, and may the permanent revolt blow up in their faces.

Neither pacts nor crumbs, intransigent war against prison society and the capital state.
Freedom to Subversive Prisoners and Anarchists on hunger strike.
Fire and explosions to the state and its prisons.
Marcelo Villarroel on the street now!

This attack is also a gesture to the living memory of fellow Anarchist Mauricio Morales.
May the explosions echo in memory of the punky Mauri, may the month of May be dyed black ...

* It is worth mentioning that we took all possible measures and safeguards, so that the explosion did not harm even a single passerby: We left a notice that read "Closed, sorry for the inconvenience", and the timer was set to go off when the curfew was already is in force *

P.S. Fraternal hugs to the comrades who continue to conspire day by day, each offensive gesture is a complicit smile ...

Simon Radowitzky Anti- Capitalist
Cell - Anti-Prison Fraction.

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In case anyone is curious about who Simón Radowitzky was, since they claimed the attack as "Simon Radowitzky Anti-Capitalist
Cell-Anti-Prison Fraction."

"Simón Radowitzky (10 September or 10 November 1891 – 29 February 1956) was a militant Argentine worker and anarchist. He was one of the best-known prisoners of the penal colony in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, where he was held for the assassination of Ramón Lorenzo Falcón, a head of police responsible for the brutal repression of Red Week in 1909 in Buenos Aires. "

Ah, I see! Here it is: https://archive.elephanteditions.net/library/osvaldo-bayer-anarchism-and...

Thanks for the recommendation! Although it's not Simon Radowitzky's biography, he does figure in that story and is mentioned quite a bit. It's also one of the first results you get when you search his name in the anarchist library. https://theanarchistlibrary.org/search?query=Simon+Radowitzky

I read the comic and the book, wow, what a grueling life. Was all over the place, starting around Bialystok, which I heard first because of the repressive operation by that name and the caravan in solidarity with them in Italy. Then Argentina, Uruguay, then Spain where he fought in the civil war, then France, and the Mexico.

Though the comic is overall it's okay, and I'd hand it to any kid if I had it in print, it suffers from the author's decision to use the invented character of Lyudmyla as the main plot device! So much of the comic, from beginning to end, is spent on Radowitzky obsessing over her, a girl he met as a child, all the way up until his old age. It's almost as if anarchism was an accidental thing, while her being his main obsession in life. She's used as this cheesy tragic impossible love romantic plot arc, not as a fleshed out character, and she's just a made up thing out of the author's caprice. And all the while Radowitzky is just portrayed as an expressionless stoic husk of suffering.

Open Letter to the Uruguayan Communist Party and CGT

To the Communist Party and the National Confederation of Labor

I have learned of your propaganda and posters, in which my name figures demanding my freedom.

As an anarchist I say to you: I declare that I don’t wish to be the propaganda instrument on any political party, including the Communist Party, whose support of the policies of the Russian government is absolute.

In the name of the anarchists prisoner in prisons and Soviet Siberia; in the name of the destroyed anarchist groups whose propaganda is prohibited in Russia; in the name of the comrades executed at Kronstadt; in the name of our comrade Petrini who was handed over to Italian fascism by the Soviet government; in the name of the Argentine Regional Workers Federation and the Uruguayan Regional Workers Federation; in the name of our comrades killed in prison by the Bolshevik government; and in protest against the calumnies and defamation against our comrades Kropotkin, Malatesta, Rocker, Fabbri, Makhno, etc, etc, I declare that as an anarchist I reject all of your support, which represents an unworthy exploitation on the part of the Bolshevik leaders of the party and the CGT of the generous sentiment of solidarity shown me by the working class.

Simon Radowitzky, Montevideo, 1936

Found linked at the bottom of that wikipedia page:

Simon Radowitzky's attentat was the assassination of a notorious police colonel that had been in charge of a May Day massacre. He used a hand grenade in broad daylight and then attempted to commit suicide right away by shooting himself in the chest, but he survived. Then he spent half of his life in prison (he was 18 at the time of his attentat), and lived from his late middle age onward outside of prison.

The "Simon Radowitzky Anti- Capitalist Cell - Anti-Prison Fraction" place a bomb in the front door of a bank branch, in solidarity with anarchist prisoners and against the state and capital. They acted at night, anonymously and undetected, they issued a communiqué afterwards.

Pros: They survived, they remain uncaught for now, free to live outside of prison or strike again as they please, their anonymity prevents them from acquiring unwanted fame, they won't get turned into icons during their lives, they linked their actions to other anarchists, living and dead, giving a poetic continuity to various anarchist histories. The fact that the target was seemingly random and individually selected safeguards the element of surprise. If various groups choose different targets, it will be impossible to predict, unless the targets all followed a common theme or region, like if all attacks concentrated on prison infrastructure or banks in an area, instead of whatever.

Cons: They didn't disrupt anything vital (just the facade of a bank, doesn't affect much in this digital age, and during covid where people are opting to do things without having to go in person); the link between what they're claiming and their attack is more tenuous, if they wanted to express solidarity with anarchist prisoners, why not attack prison infrastructure or personnel?

Easy to say things like this from outside. All targets and efforts are valid, though some make more sense than others within a context or a reading. This is for them and the correspondents within that conversation are those who attack, the rest is eavesdropping and heckling.

Another thing to consider

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