FRR Books Podcast. Stirner Series Ep. 8: He loves Every one! Every one! <3

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Did you think we would stop? Or would we ride this horse into the ground annihilating ourselves and anyone who wants to tag along on this joyride of platonic(or not so platonic) world eating.

In episode VII we discuss the second half of the chapter My Intercourse in the Unique and Its Property by Max Stirner, translated by Wolfi Lanstreicher.

What happens when six friends(aided by adult beverages and friendly plants) get together on a sailboat(well a parked sailboat) in the Pacific Ocean to discuss Stirner’s seminal piece of writing. Did the world change? Did we change? Did we discuss whether or not this was even possible? I’m not so sure. What I do know is that there are few things I love more than reading a book and shooting the shit with a few friends who also enjoy battling over ideas and seeing if it possible to take them out of the realm of the platonic and into the realm of our lives. To listen to us is to listen on a conversation shared between friends that we do for our selves but also that we love to share. Here are some things we hit on:

What is love? What does love have to do with it? What does is mean to love every one instead of everyone.
Food metaphors, digest, break it up, now I’m hungry!
We fight about his idea of choice and how that relates to tearing down freedom
Stirner doesn’t talk enough about engaging with non-humans! We hold him to account for his anthropomorphizing
Can you join the party without it changing you? We disagree!
We argue about buddhism and its relevance if any
Much more but I am done typing and if you are still listening at this point then you probably will just listen! Feel free to email us at
Voiced by rydra wrong, Keehar, John, Nev, & Big Cat

Sound editing by Big Cat

Internet Warrioring by rydra wrong

Music: No Trend- reality breakdown

Buzzcocks- everybody’s happy nowadays

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True, the world would be a better place, no patriarchy, domestic violence, warfare, sexism, overpopulation, consumerism, The Spectacle, feminism, communism, just a whole bunch of unique individuals all loving themselves.
The animal kingdom would tbrive.

Predictable the moralists flap their hands and mock Stirner!

Don't think anyone's usually mocking stirner around here, just the jabbering keyboard warriors who try to rationalize their reactionary edgelord neckbeard bullshit by name dropping him. Sorry for the confusion!

can lick their doldrums? If so that's a wonderful skill to have.

it’s always going to sound weird and lame when the word you use to describe yourself is based on someone else's last name

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