Green House Distro

Green House Distro is a collective based out of the Southeast focusing on topics of anti-authoritarian, anti-civilization, post-left, vegan, straight-edge, individualist and drop-out (lifestyle anarchy). We call ourselves nihilist because of the impending doom of climate catastrophe caused by our current set of living arrangements - civilization. We do not see any hope with this set of living arrangements. Instead of living for the future or a better day we aim to live for NOW. Destroy that which destroys you.

Green House Distro will be tabling at the upcoming Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair May 11th-12.



“This zine highlights some individualist, nihilist anarchist responses to communization theory as a whole, as well as the projects that manifest from it.”

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A Practical Guide To Uncivilized Cooking:

“I was once told by a non vegan that there are vegans who act like vegan police. This stuck with me considering the fact that I deeply dislike telling people what to do. Going vegan has been one of the most empowering decisions I’ve ever made. Veganism is one of the few belief systems I believe in. Being vegan has changed my body and mind. My body is lighter and more arrow dynamic. My mind is clear. But one question has been bothering me as I have made a clear diet choice to be vegan and healthy. Capitalism now offers a lot of delicious vegan products that are far from healthy. In this zine I’d like address our health. I’d like to talk about how animal foods as well as sugar oil and salt undermine health and happiness.”
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These 12 steps Could Kill You: An anti-authoritarian critique on alcoholics anonymous

“Everyday 130 people die from an opioid overdose. Since 2010 the number of overdoses has increased every year. There has been talk and a lot of action within the anarchist milieu centered on harm reduction (needle exchange, narcon). There has been many critiques on the states violent response to the crisis using incarceration and brut police force instead of RECOVERY. But, there has been little talk about RECOVERY and how it operates and functions as an institution and how that institution affects the individual seeking relief from their addiction.”

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Smiles On The Tiles:

“I grew up in a bourgeois environment. Went to private Catholic schools for several years until I was asked to leave in middle school. Grew up in a big house with a swimming pool in white-flight rural Maryland. Since the early ‘90s, I’ve been on my own. I failed out of college in ‘93. I’ve worked as a day laborer, janitor, factory worker, night stock boy in a grocery, wearhouse drone, you name it. All of the ancoms and communists who fetishize the working class or workers make me laugh.”

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Against Civilization:

A few readings and reflections on anti-civilization thought.

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i'll give u foot rubs for free if u show up at my place ; )

anti-civilization...individualist and drop-out (lifestyle anarchy). We call ourselves nihilist because of the impending doom of climate catastrophe caused by our current set of living arrangements - civilization. We do not see any hope with this set of living arrangements. Instead of living for the future or a better day we aim to live for NOW.

Posturing -- as in, adopting a posture; a clownish, impossible to take serious one in this case.

11:36, I am elated to see that someone else shares my adoration of living in the NOW, which has for all my life, and into the future, provided a spontaneous freshness to just doing things without hesitation or economic rationale.

Being self-indulgent isn't a bad thing,
Yes, it is. It stinks. It's weak. It's one hundred percent US of A American. And it's all that available in your scene.

Fuck off, you internet piece of garbage. Are you seriously shitting over the entire US anarchist movement? You're shitting on the people still in prison for ELF actions and the people who fight fascists and everyone else taking risks in the struggle for liberation? You're fucking trash. Nobody should give a fuck about your stupid opinion, you worthless, despicable moron.

I'll agree with ELf, but what American anarchists are taking a risk? and who are actually fighting fascists

marching with liberals and getting in yelling matches with street gangs

being self-indulgent is fine if you don't forget that you are surrounded by a world of egoistic humans, animals, plants, bacteria, spiders, tigers...i think a wonderful self-indulgent task if you youtubed yourself being eaten by a tiger. But wait. WE FUCKING KILLED MOST OF THEM, CONGRATULATIONS, LETS GIVE OURSELVES A NICE HUMANIST PAT ON THE BACK.

I think berating americans is just about as cliche as americans killing people out of greed and ignorance, but it's always the right time for an idiotic cliche, so yeah, fuck americans with their damn monetized arrogance and celebrity poverty!

Although my well mannered comment was deleted, and this one will most likely, I again support you, and also loath the narcissists, but not the egoists, which is an unfortunate cross meaning with the Freudian egotists, (there is a noteworthy psychological distinction between the " tist" and the "ist" variation for ego,)
Delete this please ^^ now ^^ don't wait, just do, I accept your decision, I am not a whining troll, go on, delete it now, pleeeeeease, or I will be labelled and abused by proxy-trolls.

Yes, damn these narcissistic nihilists, they give the Abyss a bad name!

and why the fuck did thecollective delete my permanent username called "Nihilist"? I think this is just an anon/non-verified username experiment, i tried to get two other permanent usernames registered but thecollective never approved

you're an eddglord and your capitalist game is trash! The leftist regime is coming for you: out with trump, in with the new semi-smooothtalking cheshire cat! Now, give me your fucking lunch money!

Just kidding, let's unite against these fucking ee fashists! I'M ALL RED AND BLACK JUST LIKE UR MOM!

i outta give you a black eye! You're giving the rev a bad name!

J/k, give me your lunch money, please? I don't get my SSI until the end of this month.

geez you're bad at impressions ...

Brace yourself Nihilist for my chest thrust of ubermansch victory, we true denizens of the Abyss shall always attract the scorn of the frightened red/black collectives who caress and pander the desires of the horde.
I get strength from your presence and can recognize your unique commenting style to continue a level of enlightening conversation and instruction towards liberating states of psychological awareness.
Continue your bold assertions and nihil-esque endeavours ;>}

also critic_of_critics and so on. I'm ready for this ubermensch roar who scorns the inverted xtians and himself just enough to serve purposes higher than his small thing, the everything, the buddha body, but not in a manner that seeks the next thing: no, the never-ending present moment, we would seek attachment in violent destruction, but that also needs to be destroyed creatively, out of the nothing! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Let the Eckhart Tollian anarchists unite as civilization implodes and we laugh while helping the old lady step down from the bus! I think we need rings that we smash together before stepping into the transformers.

P.S.: a little sad that the glorious boddhisatva is not mentioned on here ever, pfft, leftists, i am the knower of all that is paradoxical and universal.

Wow. And so articulate! Didn't I see this one in a panel of that old cartoon strip 'Bloom County'?

It's good to see anarchists talking about addiction and recovery. It's unfortunately very relevant to most of us in one way or another.

addictions a hole you never escape from, it's best just to find different addictions. My addiction list is as long as my coffee-drinking tongue.

Wow! This distro sounds awesome! Excellent selection and...surprised to see more XVX individualist anarchists!

"All of the ancoms and communists who fetishize the working class or workers make me laugh."

They're laughable for some very straightforward reason: they're petty bougies themselves, with a 100-years old outdated view of people who were actually their class ancestors. They, themselves are the shiny example of how the working class has betrayed itself, and keeps doing so, over the sweet, sweet pill of totalitarian capitalism.

You're a tard. Your mom wants the car keys back.

is asking for his opiod suppositories, he can't give me the keys without his suppositories. You're brother will change in due time, trust him.

For fucks sake it has nothing to do with it. Also, the climate dynamics of the 21st century are not the end of the world and not even necessarily the end of capitalism. When it comes to the desert predictors maybe only 25 to 50 percent of what they are claiming will happen will actually happen.

… 50% of which, would still be pretty fukin bad for billions of people. FTFY

The structural damage has been done, you really don't think there won't be artificial systematic adjustments throughout this century. Remember Malthusian fears from the past. The real game changer would be resource depletion not climate change.

Maybe resources, if you include water in that equation. That's going to be the big surprising weakness in the infrastructure, the supply of drinkable water to the high density urban society.

i completely agree with you, ziggy, that catastrophic predictions for global warming are nothing to get your panties up in a bunch about, we don't know, we don't know...and we don't know.

But for those of us who look at the data, it's bad. Just as bad as having an alt-right troll pushing the levers for american bureacracy, theere's no clear predictor for the amount of damage that it can do. If you're not a little mad, you're not paying too much attention. Semi-solipsism has it's limitations, all of the things we talk about here are interconnected. Come up with an aesthetic for that.

Green anarchism addresses these issues on a more spiritual level. The thing i don't like about green anarchists tho is the capacity to take everything too seriously, like VEGANISM?! Seriously? Can a vegan here tell me why they are still completely avoiding animal products?

nice discussion ya'll, nice trolling. Keep it coming.

"Can a vegan here tell me why they are still completely avoiding animal products?"

why? because fuck you, that's why.

mind ya business

business, it's an identity, no one would do it if they couldn't feel morally superior

I don't actually have a problem with people who decide to be vegan by default, even though i do have a problem with the vegans who tell other people that they SHOULD be vegans. I wasn't sleeping very well over the past few days...i actually was a vegetarian for two years but then i quite just cuz i like meat way too much and with my high metabolism it's refreshing for me to eat foods with a little fat, and/or to eat large portions

I'm vegan and i have a high metabolism. I eat foods with fat in them and I eat large portions.

which foods do you eat that are high and fact, are nor animals or animal products? Not that this is going to change my mind, meat tastes sooo good, and eggs do as well if you mix them with the right things.

damn, i was really off base with that one

as a vegan nihilist i only eat nihilist animals. you are what you eat, after all.

Animals are not nihilistic, they are sexist patriarchs with strict moral codes of behavior and hierarchies. There are some bold individualist Stirnerian animals like albatross and tigers, but no nihilists.

Domesticated animals can be nihilistic if they have been groomed by a nihilistic handler. I've heard of circus animals develop sociopathic tendencies also!
I wouldn't underestimate the intelligence and very human qualities that animals can learn from humans.

If you think natural and artificial systems will stay the same which they likely won't. I don't consider climate change to be on the same dislocating level as, say, the Younger Dryas. As I said above, resource fuel depletion is a bigger game changer then climate change. There will certainly be major change this century(like the last and the last before) but I could see capitalism nation states surviving. I don't consider myself a uniformitarian, but I don't care for this Desert sky is falling logic either which tries to tie it to a bad definition of nihilism.

My take on ecology is, from the anarchic niche pov(which likely will never electively scale) is that there needs to be a reconciling with ecology and excess which green anarchy theory does not do well and goes too much in a reactionary sacrificial direction. I like the idea of neo-archaic(sacred as some call it) geometry for instance with an anarchic twist.

Yeah its not like the Earth water will evaporate into space. It will be a more humid and wet world with the rain falling in torrential less manageable amounts which will pose the greatest problem for agriculture and sea levels. The the planet will not become a desert.

but the data i'm talking about is the extinction rates of animals, this will not necessarily culminate in anything catastrophic for us egoists, but is unpleasant to think about, and is probably the most dramatic foreshadowing of things to come.

I know that as a nihilist your imagination allows for no limitations in improbable and unexpected events occuring, and my extensive interest has been attracted to recent data concerning an unforeseen catastrophe from a mostly ignored class of creatures of seemingly minor significance in the continuation of life on Earth. INSECTS. Laziness has made humans mammaliancentric and little concern has been devoted to saving insects, but rather to kill them with 60 million litres of insecticide sprayed daily on crops and the environment. MORONIC neocolonialist farmers DUH .
40% of the earth's insect have disappeared, and rapidly declining. 98% of crops require the services of insects to germinate their flowers and produce grain, fruit, vegetables and pulses. WE ARE ALL GOING TO STARVE TO DEATH IN 30 YEARS and to I don't care, let it happen, I have begun stockpiling pallets of soya beens, oats and multivitamin tablets in my underground abandoned mine. Time to plan before the shit hits the fan folks, Unless you're a real nihilist, and then you wouldn't give a shit any2ay!?

the future as I can afford not to. If I starve in 30 years, I'm not going to ask for it from the asshole rednecks around here, but if they offer me food, the in my eyes they just became an anarchist

weird flex

i have many passing and somewhat pleasant moments with my neighbors, in the town bar i find they find immigrants and "lazy people on welfare" pretty disgusting, but don't put up much of a resistance when you question the role of governance in human behavior, they are still miserable at their jobs.

sometimes i walk around in the neighborhood, and thing im fucked up just for walking around. Some lady who apparently got their house robbed thought i was the one doing it because i walk, peculiar and radical behavior ( The only thing you have to worry about is what occurs, not what your pitiful, eco-extremist thoughts start to tell you about the disappearance of wild life. Just what occurs.

Eco-restoration occurs at the heart level, the priorities change, the humans disappear, the cables get cut, the wifi signal gets interrupted.

A hearten reply, thankyou. To help uplift your everyday expectations for the future, I offer you this advice friend. I have managed to bring my weekly water consumption down to 25 litres per week, 3 Lts per day for drinking and 4 Lts for washing. I don't use pots and plates but cardboard and paper and just eat raw food, nuts and fruit thus no utensil washing. Bodily I have a small spo ge and mostly concentrate on wiping down my genitilia after my daily sex ration, and also for my anus after daily ablutions. In this way I think our impoverished village can survive on the 1000Lts the benign dictator who was democratically elected, supplies our poor agricultural community. Upside is food and rent is free, so we have nothing to complain just no luxurious Western showers and laundry to wash hundreds of clothes just 1 person owns from Mall addiction. We are happy with 1 shirt and 1 skirt no bra, yippy to feminists and men for groping haha, and no cosmetic just bare cover for modesty, basic cleaned genitilia and funny smile on face all today, bye bye.

I don't know what country you're from lady but your men should man-up and have a revolution and return some dignity and cleanliness to your community, people and children can't live in that miserable condition!! I there were some anarchist SJWs around there guaranteed, you'de have hot showers and a coin laundry within a year!!

you set it up in the first comment and then you replied to it.

it fell flat.

with washing their pubes and saying that it's just the rich liberals westerners like us having sex?! I mean, i've seen much worse on here, pretty fucking whacky

I think its about the scarcity of water and a rather naive innocence about revealing ones daily bathroom chores. Umm, maybe the person is new to internet blogging, it seemed genuine to me, but I'm not a regular here. Its the usual diverse stuff you get on the net these days, tribes people in Africa are blogging now from the Sahara desert thesedays.

thanks for explaining your own comment, now i have a better understanding of the racist caricature you were trying to paint

They are local and human activated however and it could be possible to have value action interventions. Personally I like to end this climate change trojan horse nonsense and just focus on actual ecological radical conservational values.

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