Hoodie Melo takes anarchist resistance underground

Over the last couple of years, we here at ANEWS have been on the cutting edge of reporting live and directly on the NBA’s most famous anarchist basketball player, Carmelo Anthony. We’ve covered stories of him wearing a black arm band in solidarity with anarchist resistance world wide and hoodie Melo single handly keeping the NY Knicks franchise afloat in the worst place on earth, NYC. Today, we’re taking a look at Melo and answering the question of – where is he now? The answer may surprise some.

Since leaving the best franchise in the NBA (the Knicks), Melo bounced around from team to team. Unsurprisingly, no other NBA team could contain his magnificent skills, so they were all forced to cut him (editors side note: WHAT THE HELL NBA!?).

Nowadays, you can’t find Melo on any NBA team or IRL / AFK for that matter. Melo has gone underground and incommunicado, financing the international anarchist bookfair resistance movement and appearing to deliver a two hour long speech and then only disappear to appear hours away, as if by magik.

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