Indonesia: May Day Clashes in Bandung- Over 200 Arrests, Detainees Tortured


#Bandung, #Indonesia: Anarchist Bloc at #MayDay2019– 150 Arrests

— Anarchists Worldwide (@AnarchistsWW) May 1, 2019

Solidaritas dari massa aksi Papua dan Indonesia di Yogyakarta untuk ratusan massa aksi May Day yang ditangkap dan disiksa di Bandung.Mereka sendiri menjadi korban pembungkaman demokrasi dan kekerasan aparat seharian ini — 11 orang luka-luka — ketika hendak memperingati May Day dan Hari Aneksasi Papua.Karena orang Papua-lah yang paling paham rasanya jadi korban penangkapan dan penyiksaan aparat!

Gepostet von Veronica Koman am Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2019

Above video: West Papuan students in the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta express their solidarity with the arrested anarchist comrades in Bandung. The students also students also faced repression at the hands of the Indonesian authorities today- 11 of them were brutally detained and many of them were injured.

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We are children of workers or laborers who work in factories, offices, warehouses, workshops, restaurants and wherever our parents bow to the employer.

We are school dropouts because we have to help our parents.

We are children who exclude ourselves from school because we refuse to continue the modern wage slavery system.

We are students who work part time, dividing our time between studying and work and are bullied on campus and in the workplace.

We are a generation that is taught how to be slaves and to be turned into ready-made products for industry.

We have to pay expensive tuition fees to be enslaved.

We are prospective workers, replacing our parents who lost their dignity, who feel inferior due to being labeled stupid, working hard under the demands of production, long work hours, low wages and high risk work environments.

We are the future. We have started a new page for a different era. An age without oppression and slavery.

We, are your children.

Solidarity to over 600 of our friends who experienced violence in Bandung.
Nobody is free until everybody is free!


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Damn anarchists are just having a tough time all over right now...

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