Interview w/ Gran Canaria Anarchist Federation

from Green Anticapitalist Media

Interview with Gran Canaria Anarchist Federation - GAF does Lockdown Ep. 14

Did you miss our interview with @FAGC_Anarquista and @InquilinasGC? You can watch the recording now and learn about the amazing work they've been doing and the lessons they've learned from it. Listen and share please!

In this episode of GAF does Lockdown we’ll be interviewing a member of FAGC (Federación Anarquistas Gran Canaria or Gran Canaria’s Anarchist Federation), which centres most of its activity on the issues of housing, rent and homelessness. They are known for starting the Sindicato de Inquilinas de Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria’s Renter’s Union) which has been housing homeless people in squatted buildings run along anarchists’ principles. The biggest one so far, La Esperanza, houses more than 260 people, around 160 of them minors.

If you want to learn more about their work, check out this documentary about La Esperanza project:

As well as their collection of essays "Street Anarchy":

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