Letter From Eric King

From Eric King via letter

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Just a basic piece advocating legal protest.


I am in no position to tell people what risk to take or how to direct their energy...but I have to ask...why are we not protesting/barricading/calling out federal prisons and their regional offices?

Fed. Prisons are state violence on a national level. We are beaten by staff and charged for it, our mail thrown away or lost on a regular basis, shipped away from our families then only allowed 300-expensive-minutes per MONTH to call home. We are all under the boot of the federal government.

When the uprisings occurred, our prisons were put on lockdown and BOP officers were sent to add federal muscle in squashing the movement. The same guards that beat us, hose us w/ poisonous chemicals, were in the streets doing the same to you.

If George Floyd hadn't been killed, he still would've been a victim of state brutality. He would've been stolen from his family, another victim of State Human Trafficking. He would've been bured for one or two years pretrial, charged extortion rates to hear loving voices. He'd have seen his lawyer once or twice, bullied into accepting a ridiculous plea deal. He would've been swallowed by the state, placed in violent situations, forced to work for slave wages. This is police brutality.

Can we stop ignoring fed. Human Warehouses? Every single person in fed. prison has been kidnapped by a government who says our lives aren't valid, that we aren't humans deserving dignity. Not every city has a fed. prison or FDC, but a lot do, or their morbidly corrupt private partners, like CCA or GEO.

In KC, my own backyard, is the N. Central Regional Office. The director there is J.E. Kruegger. This scummer is in charge of all the brutal policies that devestate the lives of thousands of convicts. The ADX, Death Row, CMU's, Florence, Leavenworth, Englewood & more. When pigs beat us w/ out consequence, it's Krueger allowing it. When the admin violates policy in devastating ways (like blocking somone -me- from having a single phone call for 2 yrs), he allows it. can we not protest and bring attention to this bastard and his Office of Torture? Shit rolls down hill & he can't quit shitting on us.

W/ the Covid outbreak, we've seen both the fragility of the BOP & their indifference to our lives. W/ William Barr trying to fill the feds w/ protestors, let's give the Bureau the treatment it deserves. Let's bring the spotlight on these bastards. If this is Class War, then these are war criminals, these are our enemies, these are slave houses, let's treat them accordingly.

Until All Are Rubble,

In Revolutionary Struggle


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