The London Anarchist Bookfair torrent + library talk

let's settle this BOOKFAIR vs BOOK FAIR debate once and for all!

From The Anarchist Library

a curated torrent of over 80+ anarchist texts via The Anarchist Library

Torrent and magnet links here:

Welcome to the 2020 London Anarchist Bookfair on torrent created by The Anarchist Library project.

For the first time ever, the library has put together a curated torrent of over 80+ anarchist texts related to the London Anarchist bookfair event taking place October 17 & 18, 2020.

The torrent is a 79 MB 7zip compressed file that includes the PDF, A4 PDF, imposed letter / A4 PDF, EPUB, HTML, plain text, and LaTeX source files for all the texts included.

Included texts are from:

Return Fire
Do or Die!
Anarchist Federation UK
Anarchist Studies UK
Freedom Press
Solidarity Federation
Elephant Editions
Some London Foxes, and other Anonymous
Ruth Kinna
Iain Mckay, anarcho
Colin Ward
Andy Robinson
Monsieur y Frere Dupont
Desert + critiques / reviews / commentary
Lorraine and Fredy Perlman

You can visit the London Anarchist Bookfair here:

Of note, the library is also participating in a talk on:

Oct 18, Sunday 21:00 - 22:00 GMT
a talk with The Anarchist Library (a librarian and a reader)

Torrent link:

Magnet link:


The Anarchist Library

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