Not On Any Map, on Immediatism podcast

The new book, Black Seed: Not on Any Map, Indigenous Anarchy in an Anti-Political World, is out! Episode 630 of Immediatism features both the shorter introduction by Little Black Cart editors and the longer introduction by Klee. Not on Any Map is the first of what will be two precious volumes of Black Seed articles along with new material. You may also enjoy three of the essays included in Not on Any Map, as these were previously recorded on Immediatism. Also, watch for the forthcoming second volume of Black Seed articles to become available!

Indigenous Anarchism is a Collect Call, by Klee (episode 630)

Previously Recorded:

Locating an Indigenous Anarchism, by Aragorn! (episode 48)

An Old Green Anarchy, by Aragorn! (episode 414)

Nihilist Animism, by Aragorn! (episode 47)

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