Primal Anarchy Podcast 21: A Message from the Unsponsored

From Primal Anarchy

Episode 21
June 20, 2019

Podcast housecleaning, listener questions. Excerpt from interview with Patty Stonefish of Arming Sisters on MMIW, the continued prevalence of settler violence, and man camps. You definitely need to listen to this. Discussing the failed “business” aspect of Black & Green, but why it’s done the way that it is. Info about the upcoming fundraiser, second edition of For Wildness and Anarchy. Plus the depressing numbers about book costs.


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You're unconditionally disgraceful Kevin, and not merely because you believe it is necessary to participate in Facebook, Instagram, PayPal and Twitter to "reach the masses" with your poorly-written, didactic message: you're pathetic because you're completely severed from anything remotely anarchist and are now as much of a religious cult member as any participant in ITS...

Yes, anarchists should not try to reach as many people as possible. They should contain their message to a few select followers who already agree with them. We should stay in our lane, we need to keep to our own filter bubbles, and hang out only within our tiny marginalized and fragmented sub-cultural micro-ghettos.

In fairness, it's not only Kevin who denigrates authors and ideas merchants of the 1900s claiming them to ancient old folks of little relevance to the the kiddies of today. Instead, the likes of Aragorn! KT and Dominique (to name but a few) prefer to refer to even older folks! Aragorn! in particular likes to poo poo the anarchist thinkers of the 1900s due to them being 'beardy old men.' Once JZ has departed this mortal coil, KT and his work will disappear unless they try 'trading' on JZ's legacy of work.

Aragorn!, after the Atassa scandal last year, talked about how back in the "90's civil discourse was a thing", where tabler's represented all sorts of positions and duked it out with each other, somehow implying that attassa was somehow a "civil discourse".

The whole primitivist crew has member-berries! Watch out, they will ramble about how good things used to be while not even remembering what they were like!

Doesn't sound like it was very civil (before my time, I only hear stories) but maybe there might have been more discourse? Maybe slightly higher calibre of disagreement? I just found an old copy of Listen Anarchist!, that was a hilarious window in to the past.

ahhhh... chaz bufe, haven't heard anyone bring him up since the old GA did reviews.

It would’ve been funny if I had some content to go along with that.

Some heartening new archeological data >>>> Ancient crocodiles were vegetarian.

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