Primal Anarchy Podcast 22: Primal Anarchy Podcast 2.0

Primal Anarchy Podcast 22: Primal Anarchy Podcast 2.0

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Primal Anarchy Podcast Episode 22
November 26, 2019

Now back to our irregularly scheduled programming… Meet our co-host, Natasha Tucker! For Wildness and Anarchy is finally out! Talking about the book and how Black and Green does second editions. The Kickstarter debacle nearing its end. Looking ahead to 2020 and twenty years of Black and Green. What’s coming up for the podcast, looming interview episodes, expanding the networks and branching out our work, plus books on the horizon. Talking about the reason why we do the work we do, the nature of isolation in civilization, rampant depression and feeling broken. Upcoming books and fundraisers about to launch for the second edition of Origins: A John Zerzan Reader and Natasha’s new book, Rites of Passage. Discussion about Natasha’s work and approaches, plus the book.

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oof, i'm a terrible person, i might listen to this just for the possible scoop of gossip

is natasha the person kevin was having an affair with and they're now married? oof is right

why do people on here hate kevin so much? I mean, he does seem a little cult-leader-esque, and i don't have any interest in buying his stuff cuz i understand anti-civ rhetoric well enough, but why do people seem to want to shit on this guy?

And it's not the acting pritmitivist that I think he should embody as I tend to critique the fetish of the act, it's the fact that he's an internet addicted junky who says what he says. It's fine if your an apolitical cynical nihilist type who on a certain level has given up but when you say the things KT says you're not just a poser but a grotesque poser. My nigga from Queensland Australia(Primitive Technology youtube) has done more for primitivism and uncivilized living then this fucking clown.

His writing and concepts just suck all around.

he basically is just trying to convert people with of the things i want to do in this line of thought is put myself in a little bit of danger by going deep into the forest and writing about my psychological experiences, the process, what i bring, etc.

will def check out that you tuber, it's sad to me how so many ppl who have rebelled against institutions have just wound up being self-righteous talking heads, in part because the landscape makes you think there aren't very many other options.

in primitivism, primitivism is the second tenant. the first is bitching about minute details of cave men and scene beef

It's nice these two have found each other but, come on, it was like listening in rather than listening to. Please Kev and Nat no more of gushing podcasts.

So you're saying they should get a room? Or like, an open-air lean-to thatched with pleasantly fragrant branches??!

i don't know what that anon is on about, i'd say get a camera and stream that shit.
let us see that primal grunting, as well as hear it.

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