Primal Anarchy Podcast 24: Coronavirus and Collapse

Primal Anarchy Podcast 24: Coronavirus and Collapse

From Primal Anarchy, May 3, 2020, by Natasha & Kevin Tucker

House cleaning, falling a little behind in a pandemic can happen. What’s what with Black and Green; upcoming Kickstarter, new address (POB 36 Denver, PA 17517), Natasha’s medicinals and consulting, and announcing the book club! First book: Terra Nullius by Sven Lindqvist. Plugging a recent interview with Solecast and needing to be done with the Western traditions of resistance. The big coronavirus and collapse rundown: falling down the lead of a narcissist and how it contributes to the chaos we’re all feeling. The rising tide of fascism and the withering veneer of white fragility over white supremacy. Mutual aid and colonialism, call out for support for the Indigenous Mutual Aid network: Natasha reads her poem, Making Pancakes. Talking about the Gospel of Empire and getting work out farther and wider.

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Got myself some beer and food, ready for a good laugh as the bearded guru provides the plebs with his spiritual insights. Did you know he hates technology? Oh yes, he hates it so much he can't keep off it! Rather like Prince lol Charles inspiring us to cut down on consumer HIS world or else he will get Billy to vaccinate lol you all with fuck knows what.

I dunno when I want good laughs and a share of WUT, I just go for FULL David Icke and don't bother with the rather soporific old hippie. It's not for any reason that the former does world tours... he's a fantastic showman.

Let me just enlighten you to the fact that JZ is unaware that his primitivism is fundamentally a " Paleo-Nihilist" ideology. His own personal definition of nihilism is completely anthropocentric an is centred around a negative and anti-creative human action which as we know he is obsessively against, and he fails to include the overall external non-human natural cycles of chaos and entropy.
I would say he is in denial of primitivism's inherent nihilistic precepts rather than being an intentional broadcastor of doom.

He's definitely in denial of the place voltage and amperage have within polite and gay scientific society.

I've been thinking of a way to harness the energy from a guy having a meltdown to produce clean primal electricity. The plan is to go over to Kevin Tucker's house and take his computers, phones and televisions he's always staring at 24/7/365. Wait a few seconds. I have calculated that Kevin will get extremely angry from having no pixels to virtually snort in less than one minute based on prior research. Prior research of getting Kevin and his wife banned from Second Life showed that within 53 seconds of the banning he got extremely angry and had a meltdown. I calculated that had I figured out a way to hook Kevin up to a turbine, he would have produced 50 kW of electricity.

I know this sounds authoritarian and it kind of is, but it is less so than those anarchists that talk about world domination and killing naysayers. Kevin is irritating. He is incapable of going outside without bringing his phones and blaring death metal from one phone and staring at the other. His anger, pleading and meltdown is an excellent source of energy to tap for electricity. Ideas are welcome.

who made screens flash in order to induce siezures, so we can give KT epilepsy, then we can make his screen flash so that he produces even more energy to power our beautiful anarchist future!

I'd like to put JZ to work on a treadmill or bicycle 12 volt generator peddling away charging my smart cell phone while I sit down and text snide comments about doom on internet forums.

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