The Resistance Group Shot a Court

via Anarchist Fighter

Атрад Супраціву (The Resistance group) fired on Zavodskoy District Court in Minsk

Minsk anarchists continue to fight a battle against Lukashenko’s junta. Received this message via mail:

We, Атрад Супраціву (The Resistance group), continue our uncompromising war against fascism of Lukashenko’s police junta.
We take responsibility for the attack on Zavodskoy District Court in Minsk, which we see as an occupying part of the government.
We declare that, if mass repressions and forceful breaking up of demonstrations continues, our group will do everything we can so that not all of those helmed bastards with batons will live to see the trial.


That's not a threat, that's a fact! We – among you, we know your addresses and positions, we have your photos.

Stop now or the end of you will be dreadful and inglorious!

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