Revelation: Greek "bombers" arrested in Edinburgh

always keep your sheild between you and the bomb

Two Greek anti-authoritarians were arrested - as "To Vima" reveals - by the British prosecuting authorities in collaboration with the Counter-Terrorism Service of the Hellenic Police for a bomb attack - on January 11, 2018 - at a castle in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The arrested are a 35-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman who live mainly in the said city of Scotland and who seem to have contact with anti-authoritarians in our country.

The bombing in Scotland is linked to a multinational zero-sum organization that has carried out bombings in Greece at the church of St. Dionysios in Kolonaki or on the campus of Zografou.

It is the international organization of "activists" ITS ("Individualists Tendiendo a lo Salvaje") who carry out bloody actions in many countries around the world.

Its Greek "branch" was the "Iconoclastic Sect" which has carried out unsolved bombings in our country, spreading concern to the Greek authorities.

The bomb attack on the church of Agios Dionysios, on December 27, 2018, in Kolonaki

The bomb in the church in Kolonaki exploded in the early morning hours, resulting in the slight injury of a police officer and a young girl. An announcement published a few days ago in the Spanish media stated:

"On Thursday, December 27, we dropped a bomb on the door of the church of Agios Dionysios, in the heart of Athens. It was not a symbolic blow, our purpose was to explode at the moment when the planned religious service would begin in the morning, either with the timer or if someone would open it, hoping to cause the greatest damage that could be done to a priest or in the flock of the faithful ". The members of the organization are said to be internationally turning against technological advances and humanity and to express their satisfaction for the victims of earthquakes and volcanoes. To conclude: "This was an introduction to what will follow."

The same organization was linked to the attempted bombing of the University Campus in Zografou in April 2018.

In addition, there were bombings targeting mobile phone antennas and a butcher shop where one person was injured. According to information, the Counter-Terrorism Service has at least three people under its "microscope" to participate in the Greek branch of the international organization.

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