Roll Call: Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair May 9th-10th 2020

With hysterical excitement, we announce the dates of this year's Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair!

In the midst of two governmental forces flexing with military attacks, we celebrate The Coming Collapse with live music, free vegan food, sobriety, and anarchy on May 9th through the 10th!

Does the lock-step march of industrial expansion, technological dominion, and wage-slavery have you feeling fatigued? Does your heart ache from witnessing the utter failure of leftism and positive politics? Are you fed up with the constant demand of identity politicians?

Does your shaven head miss the white dreads you exchanged for allyship?

Within the illuminated void of hopelessness there is a black light that never goes out. With just a little luminol, we can see the blood bath of society - and we know there will be more. But rather than allowing this reality to paralyze us with this depression, we embrace it with rebellion - and a party!

We invite you to vent! laugh! dance out of step! sing and howl maniacally to the rhythm of civilization's death spiral!

****This is a final call for tablers and musicians. Save the date!****

Dangerous Space Policy:

The Green Scare Anarchist Bookfair will be eschewing a 'safer spaces' policy in favor of a Dangerous Space Policy.

This means that we expect all attendees and vendors to be responsible for their own actions, and the potential repercussions of their actions. As hosts of this event, we refuse to assume the role of "police" or "security" to mediate conflicts that happen between people. We personally will not be used as a security apparatus to kick anyone out of this event, unless the conflict is with us directly. Everyone who attends is expected to utilize their own individual agency in directly dealing with and solving their problems with others. Therefore, this event is a dangerous space for anyone who disrespects the space and those occupying it.

We accept that oppression based on identity exists in our present society, but we are not interested in perpetuating this paradigm. All voices here are weighed based on the merit of their experience, not the identity of the person who voiced them.

This should go without saying but to make it abundantly clear, this is an anti-capitalist, anti-fascist event.

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"Therefore, this event is a dangerous space for anyone who disrespects the space and those occupying it."
you mean, anyone who doesn't seem like they fit in is on their own, regardless of if they're respectful or not.

> anyone who doesn't seem like they fit in is on their own, regardless of if they're respectful or not.

it doesn't say that. save your outrage.

What bookfair were you at then? ymmv I guess but for me, someone completely new to any bookfair and excited to just finally meet other anarchists IRL (seriously I had no idea we were as plentiful in WISCONSIN of all places holy crap) , I saw all kinds of folks of different backgrounds. Not everyone there was vegan or straightedge but there wasn’t anything unwelcoming about the place. Nobody gave me a hard time about anything even tho I thought I would be judged by a couple folks but they were really chill.

Sure, there were little pockets of people forming naturally on their own to discuss various topics, or make food, do dishes, listen to music, or give demonstrations, but that’s kinda what happens when you allow people to freely associate—we just do. It was really nice. I’ve seen other people before spreading rumors that everyone there knew each other or some nonsense but to my knowledge there were rather just a few handfuls of people that recognize each other from other spaces, and a lot of people meeting each other for the first time. I thought it was wonderful, to see anarchy in action, that is, a large open room, and basement, and yard, full of people of different ages, interests, hobbies, genders, knowledge bases, etc. All just enjoying life and the things anarchy inspires. Maybe it wasn’t your cup of tea because it was less structured and formal? And more organic and living/dynamic? I don’t know what to tell you other than give it another chance, cuz there’s some great folks I’ve made connections with there, I’ve learned so much about anarchy because of that bookfair, and had a great time. I’m terribly socially anxious in general but I felt comfortable just walking up to and talking to just about everyone there.

Only person who gave me any kind of stink eye vibes was the dude who I later heard about got his tent pepper sprayed by some individuals who didn’t like him for some reason? but I didn’t know who he was then so I don’t think everyone was out to get him like he said they were. There was this older guy with the animal press office, he was interesting to talk to and very approachable, there were lots of cool queer folks to talk to or buy earrings or zines from, I mean there were some crusties and oogles there (self proclaimed, ok, idk what the etiquette is with those titles so whatevs lol) and there were “professional” type lookin people there, (as in, they blend in more with normies than the folks with the patches n stuff) they gave me a tract fuckin Ted K wrote and I’m like ha wow didn’t expect that one. Someone had a table giving out mini crow bars and super glue—that shit was hilarious to me. Yeah Idk why you didn’t have a blast but if you go this year try to find me My name is Miles and I’ll promise to be friendly. :)

Im bringing my scissors. A dangerous space for your dreads bro

Well I guess there'll be that 2nd Running with Scissors Triathlon, so...

Does this comment make you “edgy” (get it, cuz scissors, edges, like the two blades)

who fuckin cares, get off ur high horse, it’s more fun down here where we don’t need police.

at the last bookfair -- from a friend of someone who didn't

no one is saying "no one had a good time". so your anecdotal stories only prove that you fit whatever demographic was invisibly and tacitly chosen for.
good for you.
the fact is that that person who gave you stink eye, because he already had some indication that cowardly asswipes were going to attack him from behind, was completely correct not to trust any of the people at that event to have his back in any way.
so all you're proving is that you haven't ever been a social outcast, or if you have, you haven't learned anything relevant from it.
and the only thing that has happened since is people from the bookfair, in various positions, repeating over and over again, in their own words, that he was right.
that naming a bookfair a "dangerous space" is more about advertising being asswipes than building something that has legs or sustainability. all it's building is another high school clique, which you will belong to, so again,
good for you.

I am going to make a costume out of atassa journals to test the dangerous space policy. Stand in the middle of the fair, ask me anything, prepared to mosh!

As long as you don't use the house copy of atassa this is fine.

Warzone literally puts out a zine with a piece straight outta Attasa 2. I wonder if the pepper spray communion will be shared with them this year.

if i show up solo and unprotected unable to defend myself can i exchange kisses and sticker for protection? am cute girl will hold pocket of toughest oogle gang.

If I'm mean and look tuff enuff brutish macho dusty oogle can I bone you for a while? Lemme know, thanks!

They should learn to fight instead. Lure you in and crush your larynx. THROAT PUNCH

don't be ablist! aligning myself to the toughest oogles in the room is me learning to fight. i'm not saying you're fash but ablism is fashy.

Tf is "ah-bliz-um"? Learn to crush your own larynxs kids. By punching your own throat.

i have no arms and it's difficult to reach the "e" key with my toes. don't be a typo nazi or my oogle protectors are gonna fuck you up

Look, I can tell you'll keep digging for rock bottom here, despite your claimed lack of arms.

If you can dig with your toes, you can crush your own larynx! So get crushing!

im crushin on the toughest oogle strutting through the fair. hard.

If u go u can do an audio recorded workshop maybe. be the audio recording u wanna see in the world.

why do all the good comments get deleted? I just finished work and was all hyped up to respond to the "spilled fart bong water and semen encrusted underpants" comment. thecollective are party poopers.

more like flushing the @news toilet as fast as they can but sometimes, just can't flush that fast

you know who WON'T show? me. i'll be busy reading plato and chilling here in Montreal, eating pancakes and practicing my throat punches on my little sister

I’m going to be hanging out alone somewhere on the dawn side of turtle island, listening to submission hold, antiproduct, kill the man who questions, spitboy etc and pretending it’s 1990

Jk I’ll be listening to moss icon, tchkung, black ox orkestar, his hero is gone, shotmaker, one eyed god prophecy, yaphet kotto, funeral diner etc etc

but you should all be thinking about how much better 90s-00s emo is than literally anything going on now, or how much better any folk punk is than anything I’ve mentioned

also, cardi b.......fxck yall

Your comment exemplifies one of the tiny few reasons why I still come back here. I especially think it's the first time I ever heard about Black Ox Orchestar... and they're from the same home town than mine! So many hidden makers of music gems around here.

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

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