Ron Sakolsky, on Immediatism

Two examples of Ron Sakolsky's writing are now available in audio on Immediatism podcast. "Surrealist Desire, Anarchy & the Poetry of Revolt" details the history and contemporary reality of the relationship between surrealism, situationism, and anarchism.

Regarding Surrealist Desire, listener ae says "Thanks for reading this piece from Sakolsky's 'Creating Anarchy.' This type of historical writing is really great and helps ground things in a context for understanding 20th century art movements, politics and how they interact and supersede each other. . . ."

"Teaching Anarchy" is suitable as an introductory text for someone exploring anarchist ideas, as it focuses on an anecdote in which strangers came to Ron Sakolsky's aid in a spontaneous expression of anarchy.

The book both pieces are from, "Creating Anarchy," was originally published by Fifth Estate Books and is now done by Ardent Press, and is made available by Little Black Cart.

Teaching Anarchy

Surrealist Desire 1:
The Dream of Anarchy & The Anarchy of Dreams
Not-So-Strange Bedfellows
Surrealist Desire 2:
Durruti's Egg Will Bloom
Passing the Torch
Surrealist Desire 3:
A Situationist Interlude
Back in the USA
Surrealist Desire 4:
Steeped in Anarchism: Haymarket & the "Chicago Idea"
Surrealism's Continuing Relevance in the US Today

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