Sex Work is Work

The Hadal Quadrants, Episode 1: Sex Work is Work

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In this episode of The Hadal Quadrants, host Leslee Petersen speaks to activists Kitty Stryker and Cathy Reisenwitz about sex work, decriminalization, and the bills FOSTA/SESTA and its impact on sex work and internet culture.

Kitty Stryker has been working on defining and creating consent culture for over 10 years through her writing, workshops, and website She’s the editor of “Ask: Building Consent Culture,” and is especially interested in bringing conversations about consent out of the bedroom into everyday life. Kitty also enjoys working as a street medic for direct actions, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and caring for her two cats. She identifies as a sex worker, queer, asexual, sober, anarchist and femme. You can find her at

Cathy Reisenwitz is a writer with bylines in The Week, Newsweek, Forbes, the Daily Beast, VICE Motherboard, Reason magazine, Talking Points Memo, Ravishly, Kink and Code and other publications. Her newsletter is Sex and the State. She is the Head of Content at a tech startup and VP of Comms for San Francisco Sex-Positive Democratic Club. She is also a regular contributor to Exponents Magazine. You can find her at

The organizations mentioned in the podcast to support sex workers are listed here:

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No shit- a fake blog?
I thought that piece seemed a little out of character for G

It never even entered my mind that someone would go to the trouble of putting up a fake blog post - let alone for a marginal author - so why would I bother to check?

it's not censorship.
second, pay attention to what is apparently the problem.
third, someone noting that you're spreading misinformation is not an insult.
fourth, spreading information about a fake blog is encouraging the fake blog.
fifth, your capacity to decide what should be researched is in fact what that anon poster was talking about, so you're just reiterating their point, apparently?

now go do something else with your morning.

removing posts IS censorship, even if it is justified, and the post that I responded to was, in fact, written in a deliberately insulting manner, which is fine with me, as long as I am allowed to respond. that really the direction you want to stretch that definition?

are you just getting down with the sickness, in the "post truth era"?

also, you literally "well actually"ed. this is me throwing rotten vegetables at the stage.

Doesn't matter what identity group you relate to, if you work at anything for money from capitalist customers, you are a retail workerist, no buts about it.

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