Statement by the comrades from Free Pampa Cell (FAI/FRI)

via Anarquia.Info, English translation by Anarchist News


April 20, 2021


«The homeland is the world. The problem is the poor and the
rich; the elderly sleeping on the cement
everywhere (…). The prisons must all be
destroyed; they must all be demolished... There
must not be, not even a single bird in a cage...
It will be us, and no one else: with Direct Action! ».
(Sergio Terenzi -el Urubu-, imprisoned act, May 1996)

«The words of coherence -of our brothers and sisters in arms-
are the only ones that have real weight. The
politicking 'anarchists' do everything to dominate
the new developments in their origins. The new thing that advances: the concretion
of the informal organization » (Alfredo Cospito, Olga Cell)

O. HEAR...

Hear the cry of the call to the multiform revolt. We are like wolves that howl at night: we have Siblings of the struggle rotting in their cages... They invite us into the combat, those from Malos Aires who dare to interrupt their dream-killing normality: insurrectionary hug comrades! Here we are, the rural bandits facing the enemy. It’s difficult for us because, logically, our "anonymity" here hangs by a thread. But we don't stop; there’s no turning back, least of all now, when our anarchic battle is just beginning. They sent the Interpol after us. We are considering next strategies… And they all have to do with taking a step forward. Never with retreat. Anarchy here and now. LET’S MOVE FORWARD!!!. It’s very simple: it’s about our cells committing to action. And if we all do it together and at the same time they will understand our message...The “October 18” coordinator calls for a Day of International Agitation this April 17: we’ll be there with our craft armament...

I. A.C.A.B.

Visceral hatred for the police spreads like an oil stain, far and wide across the globe. And that pleases us. But it’s necessary to remember that they’re just the tip of the iceberg. They are "class traitors"; but it’s also true (although it hurts to admit) that we anarchists don’t trust too much in what, from a Marxian perspective, has come to be called the proletariat. Bakunin was already saying it: our hope can only come from the hopeless (the "lumpen ..."). There is no worse foreman than a former laborer, it is often said, and not without reason. We are not classists in a classical sense; and we have more than enough reasons not to be. Remitting to the lucid analysis of the comrades of the Greek CCF, we find traitors in the workers' struggle, and internal xenophobia among the oppressed; and it’s not all just part of plain “capitalist alienation”, but about something more “turbid” that has to do with the selfishness of masses, and the propensity towards the most brutal fascism, towards which “the people” have given their encouragement and support more than once.


"Democracy or dictatorship" said the writing on the walls when, the military uprisings of the so-called "carapintadas"[right-wing extremist military], put the government of a certain “Alfonsin"in a checkmate back in the eighties in (S)argentina. This or that: options that anarchs always question... And why this or that, if it is possible to imagine infinite options? Fascism-Antifascism is another example. Or Machismo-Feminism. Or... what an obscene trap. The politicking of "look at the tree, and forget the forest." How many more times do we need to repeat, that we do not want to re-form anything but (rather) destroy everything? Social/antisocial. Organization/anti-organization. Individualists/collectivists. Blah blah blah. We are anarchists and, in the context of our diversity, almost everything fits; getting closer to the much desired Total Liberation is what it’s all about!. The I.A.T. (Informal Anarchist Tendency) was born to settle so many useless discrepancies. Insurrection, here and now, or more submission. Revolution is destruction. We’ll see what comes out of it. But let's do it now.


For those who have spent extensive periods of experience in the so-called «Rosa de foc», the feeling that this city has been turned into an “anarchy theme park” and little else, is more than evident. Bourgeois city, conformist and bloodsucking of a poor and exploited immigration. Even in squats, you can see how there is a sharp division of roles, between "locals" and those who come "from outside." If you’ve been there, there are plenty of explanations... The much vaunted anarchist commando of the Maresme (read: on the shores of the sea of Girona) was nothing more than a disgusting montage, to exonerate the "puppies" of the CUP, from the riots caused by the imprisonment of a rapper -Pablo Hasel- who is a declared enemy of our anarchy (it’s enough to watch - if you can stomach it! - two or three of his video-clips...). Of the “anarchist” Barcelona, nothing remains but anecdotes. They spend their time navel-gazing, longing for their damned Catalan state. And it is pathetic to see how, certain like-minded people, give free rein to this farce.


As we augured a few months ago, the beautiful kaos -of the system as a whole- grows day by day everywhere. The response is what you’d expect: armies of repressive special groups, striking blows left and right, with the excuse of stopping an "invisible" virus (sic!). Gone are the debates about the mother of the lamb: the systematic devastation of "natural resources" (of every form of life in the wild that remains ...). Fiction creates reality. And the explicit message, from hundreds of zombie-themed movies, was already foreshadowed it: your neighbor is your enemy. Only the decisions of the politicians and the deployment of the army can help you; so trust them blindly, they are your only salvation. Have you thought of it this way? Let's quickly exit the screening room of our enslaving existential miseries, and destroy the Spectacle. Our best weapon is ACTIVE SOLIDARITY among those who no longer can (nor want) to sleep; nor be passive beings. Don't you smell the smoke from the fire?


Shortly after the hunger strike began, by our comrades who are kidnapped by the $hile dictatorship, we took to the streets to unleash our pent-up rage; and though it’s true that this time everything did not turn out as we had thought, we managed to cause some damage and -most importantly- they could not stop us. The enforcers came and went, along an avenue somewhere in the Rio Salado basin (ancestral Mapuche territory Puel Pikun Mapu…) but we set fire to a container anyways, before leaving the place. We congratulate the weichafe (warriors) of the Ancestral Mapuche Resistance who are claiming responsibility for various actions, of burning dozens of hectares of transgenic fields; and fuel tanks for airplanes that spray mono-crops in addition to the destruction of silo-bags: "As long as they continue to poison, we will continue attacking," they say. This will go on for a while ... We clarify that we do not agree, 100%, with certain terminologies they use. But, in concrete practices, we blow in the same direction.


Almost always, hope leads to the communal cemetery. That is the little known origin of the anarchist black flag; taken up by the planetary acronyms (FAI-FRI), which entrench and encourage us, for those of us who have grown tired - a long time ago - of waiting ... In the territory that the Italian state tries to dominate, persecutions and imprisonments of people that share our affinities are the order of the day. This shows that they fear us and that we advance despite all their strategy of Fear. The time to sharpen the senses, and intensify the offensive, is now when they believe that they’ve tied our hands. We are like the grass, that when it’s cut, it’s reborn with more strength and impetus. There is no truce in the Social War against what exists; nor possible retreat because the "future" (if there is one ...) arrives striking the present with repeated forceful blows, a present that lasts as long as ice lasts in summer. We want to point out that: if we are attracted to and reivindicate the aforementioned acronyms, it is because they irritate the enemy a lot, and not because of “fetishism”.


If we are not all free, no one is or will be. Hence, the non-negotiable urge to demolish all prisons and, at the same time, end the society that supports and needs them. At the moment we write this, THREE WEEKS are about to be completed since the start of the hunger strike (liquid) in Santiasko. The comrades are physically weakening and that worries us… It’s a disgrace that so far we have not seen the reaction that would be minimally desirable in terms of direct actions, not even close. What's going on? How many "libertarian" groups, collectives and federations are counted in the world that are aware of this situation? Do you really think a couple of banners, sending faxes, flyers or support sessions will twist the jailer's arm? We urgently need to remember that of the "fictitious movement" and the real movement; and decide which side we are on. What will happen from here on out depends on that. Arm your group (without further delay or excuses!) and attack. Step by step, blow by blow and kiss by kiss: until their chains melt.



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