Stirner's Critics on Immediatism Podcast

In these four new episodes of Immediatism are contained the unabridged Stirner's Critics, in which Stirner responds to three prominent critics of his day. He clarifies a broad range of topics such as the nature of the unique and what egoism is, that what is interesting can only be interesting through your interest and that the rest is valueless, and then closes with a discussion of his concept of the association/union of egoists.

Stirner's Critics, by Max Stirner, translated by Wolfi Landstreicher, published by LBC Books, and available from contains three texts:
1. Intro by Jason McQuinn
2. Stirner's Critics
3. The Philosophical Reactionaries

Jason McQuinn's essay was recorded and announced previously but is included here for your convenience.
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Stirner's Critics 1
Stirner's Critics 2
Stirner's Critics 3
Stirner's Critics 4
Jason McQuinn 1
Jason McQuinn 2

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